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  1. Whats up with Fowler?

    Not the most encouraging news to be getting 2 days after he buys the Vikes...

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    Whats up with Fowler?

    So he padded his resume, big deal.

    Anyone that played little league can claim they were in the little league world series, most us just didn't get to the nationally televised point.

    As for playing in the NFL, he was cut from Cincinatti, but he was on their roster in training camp. It's not necessarily a lie, but a technicality. Two years ago, I was on the roster for a semi-pro team, the Penn-Ohio Raiders, but I sprained my back before the season started and never played a down. I don't say that I played semi pro football, but my name was on the program.

    As for the degree, at least he graduated and got his degree, who cares what it was in. He's obviously been a successful businessman to this point.

  3. Whats up with Fowler?

    Looks like he juiced his resume a bit. What do you think will happen? Does this mean he won't get the team or is it a mere embarassment for him?

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    Whats up with Fowler?

    lol i think its kinda funny

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    Whats up with Fowler?

    "Vikadelic" wrote:
    Looks like he juiced his resume a bit. What do you think will happen? Does this mean he won't get the team or is it a mere embarassment for him?
    It means "None of the above".

    Padded resumes are commonplace today. Everyone does it from politicians to hopeful managerial applicants. They don't flat out lie...they merely embellish the truth. Sometimes a LOT.

    Of course, I still consider that to be a lie, and I wonder how many more "embellishments" will be springing forth as the next few weeks pass by.

    As I said before, the jury is still out on Fowler. If he is able to swing the deal, then commits himself and his resources to fielding a quality team, I have no beef with him. If he winds up swinging the deal then realizes that he's overextended and starts cutting corners (much like the Squirrel lover), then I will begin renaming him and blasting him from one end of these forums to the other.

    The ball is - as they say - in his court now. Let's see which way he plays it.


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    Whats up with Fowler?

    "Vikadelic" wrote:
    Looks like he juiced his resume a bit. What do you think will happen? Does this mean he won't get the team or is it a mere embarassment for him?
    It means that he won't have any qualms about rehiring George O'Leary to coach the defense next year! :lol:

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    Re: Whats up with Fowler?

    "ADubya26" wrote:
    Not the most encouraging news to be getting 2 days after he buys the Vikes...
    The USFL part is true, though:


    Roster courtesy of Chris Blackburn

    PLAYER POS HGT WGT Year College
    ALLEN, Carl CB 6-0 186 '84 Southern Miss
    APUNA, Ben ILB 6-1 222 '83 Arizona St.
    ASMUS, Jim P/K 6-2 195 '83 Hawaii
    BALHOLM, Neil WR '83 Brigham Young
    BANKS, Doug RB '83 E.Carolina
    BLEDSOE, Curtis RB 5-11 215 '83 San Diego St.
    BLUE, Harold RB '83 E.Carolina
    BOATNER, Mack FB 6-0 220 '84 SE Louisiana
    BOONE, Jamie DB '83 Miami(FL)
    BRADLEY, Luther FS 6-2 194 '84 Notre Dame
    BROWN, Eddie FS '84 Tennessee
    BUBEN, Mark DT 6-3 260 '84 Tufts
    BUGGS, Wamon WR '84 Vanderbilt
    CAMPBELL, Todd NG '83 West Virginia
    CARNES, Tom G '83 E.Carolina
    CASEY, Derrick LB '84 Stephen F. Austin
    CATTAGE, Ray DE '83 Washington
    CLARK, Allan RB 5-10 186 '84 N.Arizona
    CLARK, Calvin DE 6-4 260 '83 Purdue
    CLARK, Darryl RB 5-11 204 '83 Texas
    CORRAL, Frank P/K 6-2 224 '84 UCLA
    COZEN, Doug TE '84 Illinois
    DENFELD, Phil TE '83 Wake Forest
    DENNISON, Doug RB '84 Kutztown St.
    DOUGLAS, Larry WR '84 Southern
    DRAIN, Selwyn DB '84 Ball St.
    EHRMANN, Joe DT '84 Syracuse
    EPPES, Roy DB '83 Clemson
    EPPS, Nick DE '84 Illinois
    FAHNHORST, Jim ILB 6-4 230 '84 Minnesota
    FALCON, Terry G '83 Montana
    FIELD, Doak ILB 6-2 228 '84 Baylor
    FISHER, Robin NG '83 Florida
    FLOWERS, Jackie WR '83 Florida St.
    FOWLER, Reggie OLB '83 Wyoming
    GHEESLING, Bruce OLB '84 Furman
    GIDDENS, Frank T 6-4 300 '84 New Mexico
    HALL, Hollis DB '83 Clemson
    HARRIS, Ron DB '83 Georgia
    HENRY, Wally WR 5-8 175 '83 UCLA
    HICKMAN, Dallas DL '84 California
    HIRN, Mike TE '83 C.Michigan
    HOWELL, Steve RB 6-2 227 '83 Baylor
    HUFFMAN, David G 6-6 271 '84 Notre Dame
    JACKSON, Fernando OLB '83 Florida
    JOHNSON, Randy RB '84 Texas-Arlington
    JOHNSON, Trumaine WR 6-1 195 '84 Grambling
    JONES, Lyndell DB 5-9 175 '83 Hawaii
    JOSTES, Randy DE '83 Missouri
    KALIL, Frank G '83 Arizona
    KEEL, Mark TE 6-4 228 '83 Arizona
    KEHR, Rich G 6-3 285 '84 Carthage
    KIEWEL, Jeff G 6-4 271 '83-84 Arizona
    KIMMELL, John ILB 6-4 240 '83 Colgate
    KRUGER, Todd QB 6-4 200 '83 N.Michigan
    LAIRD, Bruce SS '84 Amer.International
    LANDRY, Greg QB 6-4 207 '84 Massachusetts
    LARRY, A.D. DB '83 UNLV
    LATHROP, Kit DT 6-5 257 '84 Arizona St.
    LEE, John DE '84 Nebraska
    LINDSEY, Otis ILB '83 Clemson
    LOCKLIN, Kerry TE 6-3 230 '84 New Mexico St.
    LONG, Kevin FB '84 S. Carolina
    LOONEY, James ILB 6-0 225 '83 Purdue
    LORCH, JR., Karl DB '84 USC
    MAGEE, Keith WR '83 New Mexico
    MANUCCI, Dan QB 6-2 196 '83 Kansas St.
    MASON, Mike T 6-7 285 '83 UCLA
    MCCORMICK, Glenn C '83 Arizona
    MCCOY, Larry OLB 6-2 240 '83 Lamar
    MCKALE, Bill TE '83 Hawaii
    MEES, Mike P '83 Brigham Young
    MELONTREE, Andy OLB 6-4 228 '84 Baylor
    MINNIEFIELD, Frank CB 5-9 182 '84 Louisville
    MITCHELL, Aaron SS 6-1 196 '83 UNLV
    MORGAN, Mike DE '83 Brigham Young
    MUESKI, Daryl G '83 Arizona St.
    MURRAY, Calvin RB 5-11 185 '83 Ohio St.
    NEELY, Tony SS '83 Arizona
    NORRIS, Sam OLB '83 E.Carolina
    OHTON, David C '84 Arizona St.
    OTEY, Dave C '83 UCLA
    PERKINS, Glenn ILB '83 Arizona
    PETERS, Joel DE '83 Arizona St.
    PIETTE, Tom C '84 Michigan St.
    PRESTON, Ed DB '83 Arkansas St.
    PRINCE, Chris G '83 Purdue
    PURIFOY, Bill DE '83 Tulsa
    REDD, Verlon FS '83 Hawaii
    RICKER, Paul TE '84 Norwich
    RISHER, Alan QB 6-2 190 '83-84 Louisiana St.
    RIVERA, Jimmy LB '83 Texas A&I
    RYCKMAN, Billy WR '83 Louisiana Tech
    SANCHEZ, Lupe DB 5-10 193 '84 UCLA
    SHIELDS, Lance CB '84 Drake
    SMITH, Ed OLB 6-2 217 '84 Vanderbilt
    SMITH, Mike WR 5-10 194 '83 Grambling
    SPENCER, Tim RB 6-2 224 '84 Ohio St.
    STADNIK, John T 6-4 275 '84 W.Illinois
    STRANDBERG, Al LB '83 Moorhead St.
    STROTH, Vince T 6-4 267 '83 Brigham Young
    SULLIVAN, Gerry C '84 Illinois
    TARVER, Marcus LB '83 Hawaii
    TAYLOR, Rob T 6-6 293 '84 Northwestern
    THAYER, Tom G 6-4 271 '84 Notre Dame
    THOMAS, Ron LB '83 N.Arizona
    THOMAS, Todd C 6-5 262 '84 N.Dakota
    TOLBERT, Mark WR '84 Cal Poly-Pomona
    WALKER, Eddie Ray CB '83 Southern Miss
    WALTON, JR., Ted CB '84 Connecticut
    WHITE, Stan OLB 6-1 224 '84 Ohio St.
    WHITED, Mike T 6-4 250 '83 Pacific
    WILKINS, Joe LB '83 Maryland
    WILLIS, Lenny WR '84 Ohio St.
    WILSON, Kirk DB '83 Indiana St.
    WILSON, Lee DB '83 San Diego St.
    WILCOX, Tommy FS '83 Alabama
    YOUNG, Wilbur DT '84 William Penn

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    Whats up with Fowler?

    Looks like the dirt that is being stirred is from an Earlier Biography that who knows when was written.

    So something like this happened. X ammount of years ago he is writing a biography his life is a little plain compared to other rich bastages to he makes some stuff up.

    2005 he wants to buy the vikes. He pretty much seals the deal. The media is like WTF is this guy? Media boss says learn all you can about Fowler so we can write a story on him.

    Media grabs his bigraphy reads it.

    ESPN: Today we announce the sell of the Vikings to Fowler. He played for the Bengals for a short period of time yada yada yada.

    Press conference: Mr.Fowler do you think your time in the NFL as a player will help you run the team? Mr. Fowler do you think your buisiness degree will help you out running the team?

    Fowler : Son of a bitch! Where are they getting this stuff!! Oh hell my bio damn it.

    Next day PR for Fowler sends out an updated fact sheet. To avoid issues in the future.

    This isn't an issue in my opinion. It would be a different story if Fowler said all this stuff in an interview yesterday but this is just someone trying to gain backround on him from his biography and him immediately putting any inconsitencies to rest.

  9. Whats up with Fowler?

    This is ridiculous...this whole offseason has been just a bunch of drama.

  10. Whats up with Fowler?

    I know its probably not a biggy, but that atricle kind of irked me a little.

    I hope this article isnt reflective of his presonality. We dont need a cheap owner followed by a bulsh*tter, thats for sure.

    The things in the article are quite petty though, and if he has anything substantial "hiding in his closet" im sure the league will find that out in weeks to come.

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