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  1. Newspaper article disses Celtics

    I don't usually rant, but need to get something off my chest. If anyone stayed with the Cav's blowout of the Celtics on Easter Sunday, then you saw the thing about some Cleveland sportswriter (ABC declined to give his name, or I would've googled it) writing an article titled "10 Reasons To Hate Those Smug Son Of A..." and it kind of teed me off a little bit. Usually I just disregard stuff like this, but the more I thought about it, I thought "what has Cleveland's basketball team accomplished in it's entire sorry existence to be able to pound it's chest about the NBA's all-time leader in championships won?". ABC also didn't go over the reasons listed, but I couldn't help wondering if one of them was "Nothing is hanging from the Cav's arena's ceiling except a poster of LaBrick James while TD Banknorth's Garden (and former Boston Garden's) ceiling is filled with championship banners and star players retired numbers illustrating its rich history unrivaled by any other team in the sport (the LA Lakers come close, but still second)". And I'm not living in the past either as the Celts just hoisted championship banner #17 just last year and could very well repeat this year. Oh wait. I'm sorry, the Cavs did win the Eastern Division championship in 2007. I did intend to see how well they would represent the East in the Finals, but I dozed off for about 30 minutes and missed it, as it was over and done in a mere 4 games. So, whoever the writer of this article is (who obviously bought his journalistic degree in an alley outside Quicken Loans Arena) he should think twice before writing anymore drivel before Cleveland has at least one (albeit lonely) championship banner in its building.
    As you may have guessed,in addition to bleeding Viking purple during football season, I bleed Celtic green during basketball season.
    Thank you for letting me rant.

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    Re: Newspaper article disses Celtics

    Cleveland fans have a lot of pent up aggression, including their sports writers.
    I'm bloviating douchebag and Ricky is a great GM

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