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  1. Moss aggravates ankle injury??

    Whats this I hear about him tweakin' his ankle in practice? Any truth to it?
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    Moss aggravates ankle injury??

    According to Tice, Moss had a very good practice Friday, and no further aggravation to the ankle. I know you are hoping he will be limited in this game, but as of now it looks like he will be ready to go, even if not 100%.
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  3. Moss aggravates ankle injury??

    And as all Viking fans know, he is still the best WR in the NFL even if he's not 100%. You probably don't believe me, but he's been hurt ever since he was drafted pretty much. When we drafted him, Denny Green said that his ankle would probably bother him his whole career, and Denny seemed to be right. It hasn't slowed him down that much though.

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