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    Vikes vs. Eagles, PS2 style!!!!!!!!!!

    Once again, our boys pulled off two PS2 Madden 2005 victories over the grounded Philly Eagles.

    Both games 5-min quarters.

    Game #1: Vikes break out to 17-3 halftime lead, only to see it slip away to 17-all midway 4th quarter. Vikes take 24-17 lead with <2 minutes remaining, Eagles drive furiously down field and, with 14 seconds left, score on a 64-yard TD pass from McNabb to Pinkston. With 14 seconds left, Eagles line up for two-pt conversion to win it, but Vikes D (Mixon) stops Westbrook 2 yds short, Vikes come away with 24-23 squeaker! Culpepper is the Horse Trailer player of the game.

    Game#2: All Vikes all game long, holding Philly to <150 yds total offense - Pep spreads the ball around for 285 yds, 2 TD passes, and the D - again - makes the difference as Winfield returns INT 105 yds (new NFL record) for a TD and Brian Russell (Horse trailer player of game - 6 tackles, 1 INT, returned 36 yds for TD) seals the deal and plays his ASS off! Final score: MN 28, Philly 0, zip, zilch, nada, none, nein, nuttin'...
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    game 1

    Game 1 would be something else to see if that's how it really happened.

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    Vikes vs. Eagles, PS2 style!!!!!!!!!!

    I will take Game 2...if for nothing else but to shut up the naysayers...and especially the mouthy Iggles fans!

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    Vikes vs. Eagles, PS2 style!!!!!!!!!!

    30-56 vikes, i never blew somebody out by so much in all pro mode. I was able to run the ball unlike last week against the pack. Moss had a monster game. Brian Williams was the player of the game with 2 pics, 1 for a TD and 4 tackles.

  5. Vikes vs. Eagles, PS2 style!!!!!!!!!!

    Last week My madden score and stat was 38- 28 and Farve threw 4 ints. Pretty darn close and the last 7 GB scored i let them have it in the redzone at the very end of the game on a 4th down( hey i wanted Randy to have a bomb TD what can i say?!)
    Anyway, 45- 24 Vikes win big Brian Russel ( yes i laughed also) Horse trailer player with 5 tackles 1 int for a TD.
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    Vikes vs. Eagles, PS2 style!!!!!!!!!!

    Let's just win BABY!!

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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    Vikes vs. Eagles, PS2 style!!!!!!!!!!

    Whats with the brian russell negativity, he was a major reason we played so well last week, he was an animal. He brang in the calles, lined guys up and played with alot of confidence, maybe him getting the chance to lead the defense is just what he needs.

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