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    20 Questions with Duvaldomo

    PP.O name: Duvaldomo
    Real name: Dominique
    Age: 16
    Current City: Accokeek, MD
    Hometown: 4th n-r, DC
    Occupation: none, got a job waiting for me where my mother work since she became the boss two weeks ago.

    1) How did you choose your screen name? Duval= school I went to, domo = short for dominique

    2) Duvaldomo, could you tell us a little about where you grew up and about your family? I grew up in DC, my whole family was broke, had to leave with my grandmother until I was about 10. People wanted to know about my gang related issues awhile ago and I think its time to tell.

    My cousin Jamar was a crip. It was july 3rd and we were going to buy some fire crackers to lite. Jamar was wearing his blue flag and this escalade rode by and it was a guy with a red flag around him face waving AK 47 up and down towards us. We seen it so we tried to go in this alley to go back home. When we got out it rode by again, this time it start shooting at us. We ducked and ran back in the alley. After we hit the corner I heard alittle voice saying "Ha b****". When I turned around all my cousin were there except Jamar. 5minutes later we went back and he was dead. He was the coolest person alive so me and my cousins are doing it for him. Thats pretty much it.

    3) What type of student where you in High School? Did you play in any sports or where you involved with any school clubs and such? Still in high school, going to the 12th now. Played JV football as a WR. They say im too small (5'Cool to play varsity but ima show em. Got caught up in choir too lol almost failed it but passed with a D

    4) What did you do after High School? still in high school but im planning on going to ITT tech or Devry

    5)What was your first job? Cashier at giants

    6) When did you decide to be such a dedicated fan of the Minnesota Vikings?
    in 2003

    7) Could you tell us one of your favorite memories that has to do with the Vikings or one of its past or present players, coaches, etc. since 2003 I can only say randy moss was a beast, thats who I look up to. my family call me lil randy simply because I am just like him, without the heigth though.

    8}How did you come to find PP.O and what attracted you most to the site?
    I joined in 2007 when FA was going on and the draft was coming up. I have been posting bit by bit but acutally AP was the reason I started to get hooked on here. I knew we had CT but I was woundering what people thought about drafting him, was it a good move or bad move. I found it by typing vikings fan forum on google and thought this one was the best.
    9) What other sports teams do you follow?

    10) When you’re not on PPO what could you likely be found doing with your spare time? playing football outside or playing my 360/ watching tv

    11) Do you say a special prayer before Vikings games? only in playoffs

    12)Where do you watch away Vikings games? I watch away and home games at home

    13)What is your worst fear? getting guned down. I know I am going to want to fight him but he might get me down and kill me. And if I dont attack he might shoot me anyways.

    14) What type of hobbies do you enjoy? playing football

    15) What’s your favorite food? buffalo chicken wings

    16) Where are some of the places you’ve been, and where are some of your favorites. flordia, virgina beach, and ocean city. thats pretty much all the places lol. I really loved florida for the girls and the amusement parks

    17) What is one thing you've always wanted to do, but haven't done yet in your lifetime? wanted to rap and make it public. Made rap songs but its not out there.

    18)If you could live anywhere where would it be? florida

    19) Do you believe the Vikings will have their big day someday? When they do win the Super Bowl, what will be the first thing you think you will do? Yes I think we will it this year seriously. After I calm down I will call my packer fan cousin and rub it in his face.

    20) Up to this date, what is one of your favorite PPO memories? Oh wow hmm I have to say I dont have one. If I had to chose it would be when we chose AP, seen everyone happy kinda made me more happy.

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    Re: 20 Questions with Duvaldomo

    Interesting read.
    Sorry to hear about your cousin and broken family.
    Getting involved in gangs and more killing is not going to bring him back.
    Think about other alternatives, the gang life will get you nowhere.
    There are groups all over the country/world that can help.
    There is nothing tough about being in a gang.
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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    Re: 20 Questions with Duvaldomo

    What a interesting read.

    I agree with Proph.
    Sorry to hear about your loss and your struggles in life, however, I would really look at ways of getting out of that mess if you can.

    Regardless, glad you are a member of the PPO gang my friend.
    I enjoy your stuff.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: 20 Questions with Duvaldomo

    Get out of your situation now...

    Anyways, it's good to hear from you. Very interesting stories, but if anything, I hope you learned from your experiences.
    I'm bloviating douchebag and Ricky is a great GM

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    Re: 20 Questions with Duvaldomo

    Well atleast your cousin didn't die for nothing, he died representing the crips, yep that's a worth wild life's accomplishment. You probably can't hope to have a more fulfilling life than that so you might as well continue to follow his footsteps, maybe someday you can die wearing a blue flag, wouldn't that be great.

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    Re: 20 Questions with Duvaldomo

    I'm sorry to hear about your cousin, and how you experiences has been tough so early in life.

    I hope you will realize that there is something else to the world than gangs. I wish for you to do so, otherwise I fear where life might take you.

    Violence is never the answer, even if you might feel that you're pressured into it.

    Thanks to PPE for the sig.

  7. Re: 20 Questions with Duvaldomo

    It was nice to read about you,
    I hope you can stay away from the gangs

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    Re: 20 Questions with Duvaldomo

    "jmcdon00" wrote:
    Well atleast your cousin didn't die for nothing, he died representing the crips, yep that's a worth wild life's accomplishment. You probably can't hope to have a more fulfilling life than that so you might as well continue to follow his footsteps, maybe someday you can die wearing a blue flag, wouldn't that be great.
    I don't think that tactless reply was necessary.

    Anyway, Dominique, I pray and hope you are able to get out of that nasty situation.
    If you ever need people to talk to, we are here.
    Just shoot over a PM.

    Great to see some more non-Minnesotan, Viking fans.

    Vegans are eating the rainforests. =(

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    Re: 20 Questions with Duvaldomo


    Sorry to hear about your cousin.

    The best advice I can give you is to read this book:

    If you don't have access to it, PM me your name and address and i will get it to you.

  10. Re: 20 Questions with Duvaldomo

    thanks guys for the support. Its cool you know im over it, this kind of stuff happens every day. If I need someone to talk to I will definitely turn to one of you.

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