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    Nate Burleson Jerseys??

    Does anyone know if they are making Burleson Jerseys yet?? I would think they would but I've been to several Vikings/sporting goods stores who didn't have them. If they are making them where can I find one?

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    Nate Burleson Jerseys??

    Vikings Locker Room

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    Nate Burleson Jerseys??

    Yes i need to get me one of those, hes the next on the list. Winfield, and i dont why, but i dont have a C Pepp jersey.

  4. Nate Burleson Jerseys??

    If you live in Minny, you can find one at the Vikings Locker Room in the Mall of America! I almost bought one there when I was back for the Christmas Eve Game.
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    I hadn't checked the locker room yet, but I had heard that they weren't even making them but I guess I was misinfored I'll have to go to MOA sometime soon to get me one of those!!

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    Nate Burleson Jerseys??

    sorry typo there I meant misinformed

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  7. Nate Burleson Jerseys??

    thatd be cool if i had one.. burleson on the back of my back.. beings that i live in burleson, texas...

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    Nate Burleson Jerseys??

    I picked up a Henderson jersey last time I was at the Mall of America last year anticipating that he would rock hardcore, but looking back maybe I should have gotten that K Will jersey. But I love Burleson and if I could get one of his I would snatch it up in a second.
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    Nate Burleson Jerseys??

    What about Tice's jacket? Our store doesn't carry it, and didn't see it on the Vikings site either...that is a sweet jacket.

    Jackyl, is that at the MOA store too? If so, I'm there at opening tomorrow. LOL

  10. Nate Burleson Jerseys??

    I need a K-Will Jersey, that guy is a monster.

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