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  1. Too many new topics... starting my own... hehe

    Alright... wow... I barely even know what to say. I was sooooooooo pumped for that game. I thought... there is no way we're gonna get swept by the Pack... this is ours... easily. Well... obviously I was wrong. It was a great offensive game. Unfortunately as Tice would say... "we didn't make one more play"

    I was at the game. (there was far too much green in the crowd for my taste) Overall I had a great time. I nearly lost my voice from screaming... my heart was racing a mile a minute... thought I was gonna keel over and die when Claiborne intercepted and ran it in for a TD!!! I thought... here we go... we got to him... from here on it should be a piece of cake. I'm not thinking anymore!!! hehe...

    Well we obviously all know the outcome of the game. It was with a heavy heart that I left the stadium last night... and I had plenty of time in the parking lot to sit and whine all over the person I drove with. I wanted to cry.... and rant... and beat the first packer fan I saw. Luckily I would never really do that... its not their fault in the first place. However, I did have to bite my tongue when I heard one person in green say to another "don't gloat... you'd be no better then them if you did" After a loss that was the last thing I wanted hear.... along with the green bay chanting and laughing while I was stuck in a swarm of people trying to get to the door. I made it out without yelling at anyone or punching anyone though... I'm sure you'll all be glad to hear that!!

    A few drinks after the game (at the ONE open bar we could find) put me in a much better mood. On the way home... I was thinking to myself... I wish I could just say that I'm done with this team... it would save me so much heart ache... and then I thought... no.... what kind of fan would I be then... SO my fellow Vike fans... keep the faith... this may not be our year and we probably won't have one until Red sells the team to someone that gives a shit... but this IS OUR TEAM!!! He'll be gone someday... SKOL VIKES!!

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    Too many new topics... starting my own... hehe

    Way to keep the faith, TNT!!! We will have our opportunity to avenge ourselves in the playoffs...hopefully the team will feel the same way!

  3. Too many new topics... starting my own... hehe

    I know how you feel TNT. We had a few Packer Slackers in front of us. I had to ask them many times to put there sign down because it was blocking Lyssabell's view. The last time, I must admit I did get a bit rude myself. But I did have the entire row behind me. They kept holding the sign in front of her face. The poor kid is only 5' 2".

  4. Too many new topics... starting my own... hehe

    I am still a Vikings fan but I do reserve the right to whine and bitch about this team.
    can we clone Bud Grant?

  5. Too many new topics... starting my own... hehe

    Not saying you don't... I did plenty of both yesterday...

  6. Too many new topics... starting my own... hehe

    Ok and i did notice you did change my spelling TY.
    can we clone Bud Grant?

  7. Too many new topics... starting my own... hehe

    Sounds like you had a viking hangover after the game. ops: Cant imagine what it was like. Luckily for me as i have said in other threads that i had a game to go to in which that team dominated and won like it should have. :lol:
    Hupo oe ke kau ana i ka waiupa a ma kou pa o & Hupo na Po o waiupa a

  8. Too many new topics... starting my own... hehe

    I still gettta face the Packer fans I know at work tomorro....err, today. I am fine with that. When they say "What happened" with that grin on their face, I will just getta say the Vikings suck. Is the case after that game. They shut us down on offense. Well, we shut ourselves down? Anyway, close game, hard fought, on both sides. I can't complain about that. Playoffs are still in sight, and I am over the pissed stage, and into mourning now, lol. We will be fine, I am sure. TnT, I lost thoughts of ending the misery (atm) years ago. Tell me this, when was the last time you met a Patriot fan that wasn't bandwagon? Mention Steve Grogan, see what they say. And after 2 of 3, what would you be feeling if you DID know who "Stanely Steamer" was.

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    Too many new topics... starting my own... hehe

    i can hardly wait for work........ those bastards there are going to lay into me for sure. guess i'll just have to take it. atleast i dont go back in till tuesday.......
    "the only diffrence between suicide and martyrdom is the press coverage"
    Tender Branson

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    Too many new topics... starting my own... hehe

    Luckily i work with all girls and they dont watch football!

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