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    Morals...who needs em!

    So, here I am in South Dakota, freezing my (your explative here) off at 02:35, and my friend, who's house I'm staying at, and is a puckers fan, is passed out on the bed. Should I:

    A: paint him purple and gold
    B: shave off his eyebrows, then paint him purple and gold
    C: write "PACKERS SUCK" on his forehead in permanant marker, and then paint him purple and gold
    D: crap in his packers helmet, then blah blah blah...
    E: paint his dog purple and gold (the dog's name is Lambeau)
    F: None of the above
    G: All of the above
    H: Have you really read this far down?!

    It's -10 do you people still live in this part of the country?
    Did I mention that he has tickets to this game, but not for me? Maybe that will help in your decision.

    Merry Christmas!! :santa:

    Peace through superior firepower!

  2. Morals...who needs em!

    You know what, I live in this bullsh*t S.Dak weather every day, if it ain't colder than hell, then it's windier than hell. You know what I would do, wait til the Vikes woop on the Pack's candy asses, then I would do all of the above, cause if you do do anything of that sort before the game, and if we should happen to fail, you might be obligated to clean up the mess, and I wouldn't want to do that. But the Vikes are gonna win anyway, so do what you want. I don't know what the temp is here, but damn close!!!!
    Sell crazy someplace else...we're all stocked up here.

  3. Morals...who needs em!

    You guys could sure you use some of my weather huh??? I wouldnt mind some of your weather as it willl be quite hot tomorrow for the game im going to.
    Hupo oe ke kau ana i ka waiupa a ma kou pa o & Hupo na Po o waiupa a

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    Morals...who needs em!

    Do all of him. Passing out. Weak. You must teach the lad how to hold his liquor...

  5. Morals...who needs em!

    Do em all.

    Guns don t kill people. Chuck Norris kills people.

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    Morals...who needs em!

    o em all

  7. Morals...who needs em!

    All of the above!

  8. Morals...who needs em!

    I agree ALL THE ABOVE....
    Yesterday is History
    Tomorrow a Mystery
    TODAY is a GIFT that is why WE
    call it the "PRESENT"

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    Morals...who needs em!

    Why paint when you can tatoo LOL


  10. Morals...who needs em!

    -10 isn't cold.
    [b:6191debc1d]it ain t easy being cheesy[/b:6191debc1d]

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