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    Insulting team nicknames???

    We've all heard the names thrown around between the Vikings and Packers.

    The Viqueens, the Fudgepackers, etc.

    Here are a list of some other ones, you may or may not be familiar with:

    Dallas Queerboys
    Oakland Faders (man those guys are old)
    Cincinatti Bungles
    Cleveland Clowns(being from Cleveland and this being my 2nd favorite team, I don't understand why they're fans call their team the Brownies, I think that sounds worse than the Clowns)
    Pittsburgh Squealers
    New Orleans Aints
    and my personal favorite that I came up with myself, but I'm sure someone else has also, and no offense to this team, but the name just fits
    Tampa Bay Fuccanqueers

    Anyone have some others to share?????

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    Insulting team nicknames???


    Is there anybody out there........

  3. Insulting team nicknames???

    Dallas Cowgirls
    Tampon Bay Succaneers
    Gay Bay

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    Insulting team nicknames???

    Is that g-a-y bay????, stupid asterisks on banned words.

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    Insulting team nicknames???

    The only problem with the cowgirls, is, I think, that's the nickname of their cheerleaders.

    I'm not sure why such a big deal is made out of their cheerleaders. Every team in the NFL that has cheerleaders has hot cheerleaders.

  6. Insulting team nicknames???

    Kansas City Griefs
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  7. Insulting team nicknames???

    Atlanta Foulcunts

    Philadelphia Eagirls

    Indianapolis Dolts

    Carolina Pansies

    San Francisco Fortywhiners

    Seattle Shehawks

  8. Insulting team nicknames???

    I like some of Gregg Easterbrook's nicknames in his TMQ section on (although theyre not really insulting).

    Washington Indigenous Peoples

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    Insulting team nicknames???

    I love that TMQ column. Impossible to read all of it, though.

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    Insulting team nicknames???

    someone somewhere said the way san francisco has played this year they should be known as the "4th and 9ers"
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