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    Vikings - GB game predictions

    31-30 Vikes

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    "Haneef87" wrote:
    What the hell is this supposed to mean?

    someone ban this guy

    Guns don t kill people. Chuck Norris kills people.

  3. Vikings win


  4. Vikings - GB game predictions

    Vikings 38
    packers 23

    Moss makes up for missing the earlier game. Wis. band will know, where Moss is at!

    Skol Vikings!
    Let s Go Mountaineers!

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    Vikings - GB game predictions

    I'll stop short of predicting a winner, although I think Minnesota "should" win as it is a home game for the Vikes, the teams usually split and the Pack already won at Lambeau. Plus, Brett's history at the Dome hasn't been stellar.

    Nevertheless, with that said, we are looking at a game between two potent offenses and two impotent defenses. I don't think either team's defense will hold the other team to less than three TDs, so I'm expecting the loser to score at least 24 pts. I frankly think the game will be decided by a FG or less, and the final score will be somewhere in the 31-28 to 37-34 range.

    I'm just hoping for a clean game with no bogus calls that favor either side, and hopefully my Vikes will prevail.

  6. Vikings - GB game predictions

    It depends on how Al Harris vs. Randy Moss goes.

    You don't have to like Al Harris, but he's leading the league in passes defensed - he is playing very good football.

    Pep has to make every pass a jump ball or it will be a long day for Moss.
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  7. Vikings - GB game predictions

    vikes take early lead give up lead in forth.

    typical tale to this years wos.

  8. Vikings - GB game predictions

    This game will definately be easier to win that the Washington game so I absolutely hope we win...on the other hand...

    I think we'd have a better shot at going far into the playoffs as the 5th seed rather than the 3rd seed.

    1. We play at Seattle if that's the case...easier game than say Carolina, NO or STL in Minneapolis...
    2. as a 3rd seed if we win we'd have to play at ATL...all I got to say is MIKE VICK?? We'd have a better chance playing Philly at PHilly..

    Just my opinion

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    Vikings - GB game predictions

    id rather play against vick than the eagles.
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    Vikings - GB game predictions

    Vikes 34 - Pack 31. Favre makes his normal mistakes but this time our suddenly opportunistic defense holds onto a couple of int's - and that's the difference.

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