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Thread: why the hate?

  1. why the hate?

    I was wondering if someone could fill me in on why most Viking fans hate Dennis Green. Of course since I'm not a fan of the team I don't know all the details of how he was as a coach like you guys would but it seemed like you guys were always in the playoffs under him. Hell one year you almost got to the Super Bowl. Didn't he also draft Moss, Culpepper and a lot of other talent? Just curious about what he did to piss off the fans so much.

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    why the hate?

    He was great at first and after a few years he alienated a lot of the fans in Minnesota and he took a knee against Atlanta on third down on a NFC title game with the best offense in the history of the NFL!
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    Del Rio Guest

    why the hate?

    I liked him.

    But I think something that irked people so bad is the way he left. And the state of his mind towards the end.

    People will cry about he squandered our D away, but frankly his record speaks for itself.

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    why the hate?

    "whackthepack" wrote:
    He was great at first and after a few years he alienated a lot of the fans in Minnesota and he took a knee against Atlanta on third down on a NFC title game with the best offense in the history of the NFL!
    Yep, Green appeared to be lucid only about half of the time. :scratch:

    Personally, I don't think there is intelligent life on other planets. Why should other planets be any different from this one?

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    why the hate?

    Green was a good coach for us, but he didn't get us over the he will always be thought of as leaving behind unfinished business...hence the sour taste in the mouths of Viking fans. I was at the Ravens - Vikings game in B'more when Tice took was a weird feeling because Green didn't really finish out the season...kinda left us hangin', so to speak.

  6. why the hate?

    Yes he drafted Moss. He also drafted Dimetrious Underwood. He ignored the defense to the point of national ridicule, because we all know offense wins championships. :roll:

    When Sheriff Denny came to town, he spouted the same B.S. as he's doing in AZ now. As far as black eyes for the Vikings organization, there was that paternity lawsuit thing. And then there was his grand scheme to sue the owners of the Vikings because they tried to get rid of him and then Denny would buy the Vikings and be the owner, GM and head coach for life.
    All this lawsuit stuff proved was that Denny would go to great lengths to promote his book "No Room for Crybabies"

    1998 NFC Championship game: Take a knee Denny
    2000 NFC Championship game: 41-0
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    Del Rio Guest

    why the hate?

    1992: 11-5, 1st Playoffs
    1993: 9-7, T2nd Playoffs
    1994: 10-6, 1st Playoffs
    1995: 8-8, 4th --------
    1996: 9-7, 2nd Playoffs
    1997: 9-7, 4th Playoffs
    1998: 15-1, 1st Playoffs, Best Record in Vikings History
    1999: 10-6, 2nd Playoffs
    2000: 11-5, 1st Playoffs

    He is only second to Bud that's it he has been the second best coach we have ever had. He destroyed a lot of records in our franchise and created one of the most powerful offenses the NFL has ever seen.

    Yeah he was ok I guess :roll:

    People are just mad at the way he left. That's about it. They feel somewhat betrayed.

  8. why the hate?

    I never hated the "nutty professor" at least he coahed a few playoff games!
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  9. why the hate?

    I liked Green.

    I think it ultimately came down to a disagreement between him and RED.

    The lawsuit, the book and the media really played a part in how people saw Denny in the end.

    I agree with Del Rio, Denny's record with us speaks for itself.

    ONLY ONE TEAM CAN WIN IT ALL. We were lucky to have had a coach that gave us a shot year in and year out.

    He had one bad year and it was a head hunting time. Denny got the axe and went fishing.

  10. why the hate?

    I don't think we should hold it against him for the way he left. It to me was a sign of where the organization was going under RED. He was trying to be Jerry Jones when he knows nothing about FOOTBALL.

    I think Denny told them, if you are going to let me go at the end of the season, let me go now. I think he ultimately wanted to know what his future was. I don't think that he meant to give up on the players. He gave a lot to the team over the 9.939999 years he coached the Vikes.

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