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  1. answer: minnesota vikings

    the vikings was an answer to a jeopardy question today. i got it no one on the show answered correctly. i was yelling, vikings, you morons!!!! lol. some guy named rollo in 911 overthrew somewhere with the help of these people, for who a nfl franchise is named after. one lady guessed the giants. we cant even get away from those bastards on jeopardy.

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    answer: minnesota vikings

    What a dumb bitch...she probably believes in fairies, too...oh, that would be the fudgies...LOL

  3. answer: minnesota vikings

    lol, yea THE GIANTS were a conquering tribe.........the great leader was eli the red...........i couldnt believe she said the freakin giants, ah i was pissed. when i think of a conquering tribe that is the first thing i think of......vikings, then maybe like napoleon, hannibal, alexander..etc.


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