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    Todd Collins Vs T.Jack

    So...Sunday night will be one QB making his 13th start (A LUCKY NUMBER IN MY BOOK) against the backup QB Todd Collins who lead the Victory over the Giants last week with Jason Cambell out for the season.

    We can't forget about Clinton Portis either. If he gets to the corners he will most likely get some yards.
    You can bet Washington coaches will be looking at a lot of the GB film footage on that.

    Redskins have "BEAST" London Fletcher at MLB... and let's not forget Santana Moss and Chris Cooley at WRs

    They are 9th currently against the rush so we will need a BIG game from the O-line this Sunday Night.

    I think James Thrash will most likely be back for this game but unfortunately for the Redskins linebacker Rocky Macintosh will miss the rest of the season with Torn ACL.

    I really think we can beat this team, but it's going to take a much better all around performance. Let's hope we shake off the TO blues this Sunday and that the ball bounces in our favor a couple of times if they do occur.

    I see Washington stacking the Box on us all game....Can our coaches devise some new play looks/elements to shake this up more? Play action is great if T.Jack is playing well. I'd like to see more screens and swing passes to the Backs too.

    Redskins are playing for there playoff lives as we are so I look for a great matchup. I hope we come in prepared and perform like a playoff team in this one. Once again it's a prime time game so let's hope our young players have gotten over the "Prime Time" jitters.

    Todd Collins....a backup all season to Jason Campbell....Can you say "Blitz" and mix up and disguise coverage scheems in the secondary?? I think T.Jack will see a lot of the same from the Skins.

    I think our defense again needs to have a steller game. I think the washington defense will also show up ready to play hard and keying in on AD.

    I think it's gonna come down to which Vikings team takes the field Sunday Night. The Team that played the Chargers and Giants or the Team that played the Packers.

    Where is Frostbite Falls Minnesota?

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    Re: Todd Collins Vs T.Jack

    I say we get in Collins face all game not allowing him to pick our defensive backfield off and we will be good. Our O-line also has to show up and protect TJ and open huge holes for AD and CT.

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    Re: Todd Collins Vs T.Jack

    I agree with that and I think the team needs to play with the intensity of a playoff game. We have the home field and we have a real shot at making it in to the playoffs with a Big Win Sunday.

    I think we can do it....

    Where is Frostbite Falls Minnesota?

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    Need to Get On Collins Hard and Early

    Come on defensive coordinator.....let's call this former 45th pick in the second round from Michigan what he is.....Second String/backup. There's no need to get fancy with this guy. Just come after him with pressure and he will throw some picks. He's thrown 19 TDs and 19 Ints so far in his NFL Career. Jason Campbell he Ain't! If our defense can't confuse, confound, and frustrate this guy enough to win...something's wrong.

    Washington will be throwing everything + the kitchen sink at T.Jack so why not do the same thing to Collins. I really do think this game could be decided by how effective the QBs from each team are overall. I hope T.Jack has a great game.

    Where is Frostbite Falls Minnesota?

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    Re: Todd Collins Vs T.Jack

    We're going to have to pound the ball if we want to win this game, that and successfully use play action.
    Just use T.O.P. and eat up the clock.
    We can make this a low scoring game and with our run we can win it.
    Backups like Todd Collin can be dangerous in their first couple games off the bench, nobody has enough new tape on him and defenses don't always know what to prepare for.
    Concentrate on stopping the run and go from there, and if the Redskins want to blitz AP like crazy like the other teams have the last couple teams you HAVE TO make them pay with some succesful chucks downfield, that is where T-Jack is going to come in.
    If T-Jack can make those couple of big play throws on Sunday I have no doubt in my mind that with 2-3 big play passes and Taylor and AP pounding the ball all over we should be able to win.

    Vikings 21-14 over the Skins.

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    Re: Todd Collins Vs T.Jack

    Silly me, I actually thought I would find a thread that actually compared the two QB's.
    Let me see if I can help.

    Todd Collings.
    TDS 2,
    INT 0,
    YDS 390,
    RTG 95.6,
    Fumble 1, Rush 1/-1 yards
    GS Comp Att

    Avg TD Int Sck FUM
    42 18 325
    591 55.0
    3,837 6.5
    19 19

    Tarvaris Jackson
    TDS 6, INT 10, YDS 1,516, RTG 69.6 Fumble 3, Rush, 42/180 yards
    GS Comp Att

    TD Int Sck FUM
    14 12
    303 58.4
    1,991 6.6 8 14
    23 84

    They are pretty close with respect to games started and completion percentage.
    It appears that TJ can use his legs a bit more and is a running threat were Collins isn't.
    Collins will fumble the ball twice as often as TJ and throws the ball for about the same yards per attempt.

    Again, as I stated in two previous threads, I call this one a wash.
    Both seem to be about the same when it comes to thier stats.

    The difference will be what thier supporting cast does to help them and what they do not to hurt the team.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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