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Thread: Allison honored

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    Allison honored

    [size=13pt]Allison honored[/size]

    Judd Zulgad

    You can read more about rookie receiver and kickoff return ace Aundrae Allison in Wednesday’s Star Tribune but just wanted to note that he has been named NFC special teams player of the week. Allison had a franchise-record 103-yard kickoff return for a touchdown in the Vikings’ victory over Detroit on Sunday and finished with three returns for an average of 47.7 yards.

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    Re: Allison honored

    I love watching Allison play

    Personally I think he was a steal.. Was the 2nd rated Senior WR last year coming into the year behind Jeff Symarjkfja??

    But anyway I would like to see him return kicks at all times and see him get more Wr playing time

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    Re: Allison honored

    He is making Williamson look very expendable. Better Receiver. Better Returner.
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    I think he earned himself more playing time thats for sure. He seems like a good slot guy to me.

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    Re: Allison honored

    that was like a what.. 34 yard reception by him?
    Me likey.
    Rookie Power!!!

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    Re: Allison honored

    Congrats to Allison on that, well deserved and nice to see some recognition. As said this may make TWill on sticky ground at the end of the season, I can see him gone before next season.
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    Re: Allison honored

    [size=13pt]Allison Special Teams Player of the Week[/size]


    Vikings WR Aundrae Allison has been named the NFC Special Teams Player of the

    Week for his performance in the Vikings 42-10 win over the Detroit Lions on Sunday....

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    Re: Allison honored

    I'm happy he's starting to get the recognition.
    I think Allison is a gamer and said so all along.
    He has the talent to be a good WR in this league.
    Who knows he may bump TWill into being a kick returner only when it's all said and done.
    However, I don't want to deminish the job TWill has done this year.
    Stats aside, he's having a productive year in doing what he can given the opportunity.
    He's blocked well down field and has caught almost everything catchable.

    The best thing is there will be competition.
    The WRs are starting to show what they can do (ie Allison and Rice).
    Wade has done a decent job.
    Fergie, has done better lately but still has a lot to prove.
    I'd like to get Nance in there and get rid of Ferguson.
    nance seems to have good hands as well.

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    Allison is much better than Williamson.... Allison deserves more playing time then Troy for sure. Troy is way to inconsistent..

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