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Thread: chest bump

  1. chest bump

    that was about as good as it gets huh? see the coach give his WR a chest bump after a GREAT TD catch. thankfully tice didnt leave his feet(if that is possible) or he might have knocked moss across the field or

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    chest bump

    Yeah, I freaked when I saw Tice chest bump with gotta love it though!!! Could you picture Parcells chest bumping with Meshawn or Reid chest bumping with T-HO...not in a million years! I think that I'll stick with Tice...he sure keeps it interesting!

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    chest bump

    Tice is definitely a players coach.

  4. chest bump

    I thought it was great... it was also good to see Randy run around after scoring his touchdown. Some might say it was excessive, but I think most everyone loved it.... I'm so glad he's back

  5. chest bump

    Hopefully he can stay healthy. Sure dont want to see him go back down again and be lost for the season.

    Nice grab by moss though. :shock:
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  6. chest bump

    I saw Tice cut off a player and make that bump but my feelings are a head coach should never do that.
    can we clone Bud Grant?

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    chest bump

    It looked more like a Belly Bump to me. :cheers: Nearly knocked Moss over.

    And I didn't mind Tice doing that. I don't think he would have done it with Kelly Campbell, but after all Moss has been through this year I think Tice was just showing some positive emotion.

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  8. chest bump

    "dan3ski" wrote:
    I saw Tice cut off a player and make that bump but my feelings are a head coach should never do that.
    Especially Tice, he has more important things to worry about, RUNNING THE TEAM. Also thinking about where he will waste another TO and bad challenge call.

  9. chest bump

    A head coach to my way of thinking is just like a general and must lead by example but must be able to order his men into battle even though he knows some of them will die. I understand no one should die here but injuries do happen and alot of players might not like some of the decisions he makes but they must still respect him.
    can we clone Bud Grant?

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    Del Rio Guest

    chest bump

    There are all kinds of coaches and they range from being a carebear to being an evil dictator.

    All kinds can be successful and have proven successful in the past. It just takes the knowledge of who responds to what, and when to partake in it.

    I have no problem with it. It shows he cares about what is going on.

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