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  1. Remember Steve Jordan?

    Kept forgetting to tell you guys...ran into Steve Jordan a few times. He comes into our fire station alot to do pre-plan reviews on buildings. He is an architect...and comes around checking on projects. We small talk every now and then about his playing days. he is doing great, and seems happy with what he's doing now!

  2. Remember Steve Jordan?

    Of course I remember Steve Jordan. He had some great years in Purple. I know that if I was him I wouldn't be doing anything but fishing and golfing though! I don't think that he needs the money?
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    Remember Steve Jordan?

    Some people just need to keep busy, he's steal young and if i was his age i couldnt see myself just fishing all day. I would need to do something. Alot of football players go and do something with there degree after they finish their careers. Alot of players do something in realestate.

  4. Remember Steve Jordan?

    Best tight end the Vikings ever had a true all-pro.
    can we clone Bud Grant?

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    Remember Steve Jordan?

    Met him a few times. Seems like a decent guy.

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    Remember Steve Jordan?

    He had fantastic hands and was the typical straight ahead I'll bull you over tight end type of runner. He was a consistent performer for probably more than a decade. Sometimes Tight Ends don't get the credit they deserve as far as Hall of Fame status.

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    Remember Steve Jordan?

    I agree - Steve Jordan was probably the best tight end to wear the Purple and Gold. He was one of my favorite players growing up.
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