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    The Division is ours!!!!

    The Viking are starting to get their roll on. The Division flag has our name on it.

    Now the Packers need to do what I've predicted which is lay down. The Rams should win!

    Just like Denver just layed down to the Raiders! hehehe!

    The rigors of Spartan life. Leonidas is cast out into the wild, and survives the harsh winter to return to his home, when he is crowned King ....a Viking!


  2. The Division is ours!!!!

    Yeah, if Ahman Green is out, then the Rams definitely have a shot of beating the Pack for us.

    Go Rams!
    Skol !!!

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    The Division is ours!!!!

    What is the report on that, is green questionable or what?

  4. The Division is ours!!!!

    Even if green it out, rams play like s*** away and on grass. Just take a look at the bills rams game. quite embarrassing.

    I believe green is questionable though although it shouldnt matter.

    THe only thing we can hope for is the continued dominance or should i say consecutive ram wins over the packers keeps on going.

    The division isint ours just yet. THat could be determined come x-mas eve.
    Hupo oe ke kau ana i ka waiupa a ma kou pa o & Hupo na Po o waiupa a

  5. The Division is ours!!!!

    Next week's game is huge because if we split the series with the Pack and have the same record, it will come down to division records and the pack already lossed to the if we sweep them it would be big. Its gonna be a tough game on the road but were gonna get it done!

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  6. The Division is ours!!!!

    We have to beat the Bears and the Pack before I will go as far to say the Division is ours.

    Seattle is looking more and more like a slouch each week. K-Rob out and keep Alexander in check, we should be able to win that one.

    It is looking better, but we need to concentrate on one week at a time.

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    The Division is ours!!!!

    This one isn't over until the final game. Remember last year? The Division was ours then too - until Arizona kicked us in the nuts and Denver handed the last game to Green Bay.

    The Packers aren't planning to roll over and die - they plan to fight for the last 6 games. Realisticly, I would think that they will likely lose to Philly, Jacksonville, and us. The other three, they will likely win.

    The burden will be on US to "win-out" this year. Our remaining opponents are all teams we should handle, but I still worry. After all, last season we lost to Oakland, San Diego, New York, and Arizona...the worst 4 teams in the NFL.

    So, while I am optimistic that we CAN win the Division, and I think it's likely that we will, I'm not going to bank on it just yet.


  8. The Division is ours!!!!

    The way our D stepped up last two games, I dont see us sliding like last year. That doesnt mean that we will necessarily win out, but I'm confident that we'll make the playoffs. I think the division title depends on the christmas eve game, because I dont see GB making it unassailable by that time.

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    The Division is ours!!!!

    I know the D "stepped" up as in they are making the big play. But all and all they are still giving up large chunks of yards and not stopping the oppositions running game. Seattle, GreenBay, and even the Skins have good backs.

    If we pretend we are surperior to any of the remaining teams we will lose. I can just imagine Portis running for 2 scores and 200+ yards, Green doing the same.

    If anything the last few weeks of D has been poor in all. The best thing that should come from the big plays is a huge confidence boost, I hope any way. And maybe they will start tackling.

    Look at the Colts they spank their opponents. If they are supposed to win they do and convincingly. Now if I write down the roster of each team, and I compare I wouldn't really say the Colts are that much better then us. But we are still missing that AURA that vibe that needs to surround the Vikes. The attitude and drive. I thought I would see it against the Jags. I didn't really, but then again I think I have been waiting for it for a while.

    We have done some great things on both sides of the ball and have been winning close games. But we need to find an identity fast. I wouldn't say the division is sealed up. But I do like our chances more so then any of the other teams. There is a golden opportunity to win out and make some great things happen.

    I just think every Vike fan is holding his/her breath praying they will finally take that next step. And not fall back into the depth of underachievement that has been their story for a long time.

  10. The Division is ours!!!!

    A nice win against a tough Jax team. I dont think the Rams will be able to beat the Pack tonight but I am still going to root hard for it to happen.

    As for the division being ours, as stated before it isnt over until the last game of the season,
    Min's final 5: @Chi, SEA, @Det, GB, @Wash

    GB's final 6: st.Louis, @Philly, Det, Jax, Minn, @Chi

    We have 3 road games against bad teams 2 of which will be outdoors. 2 home games we should win.
    They have 2 road games, 1 tough and 1 they should win the rest are home games. This will be a tight race till the end though I like our chances.

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