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    Haters in the.....

    Live Chat room where are you guys, you dont post or you have undercover names. Maybe they are packer fans, today was the last day i will go into the live chat (most likely), it was great at the beginning of the year but it has been tak'n over by HATERS.

    I know that some people go there for updates and what not but the guys that go in there to straight talk trash and are so negative really ruin it for people.

    I never see these guys post during the week but they always show up on sundays to dog our team, I wonder sometimes :scratch:

  2. Haters in the.....

    I almost always go into the live chat when the game isn't on TV. Most of the people are cool (SKOL, RK, etc), and they always keep me informed on what is happening in the game.

    On the other hand, there are some "fans" that are very pessimistic and negative(cough, HOLMEED, cough). But, other than that, I enjoy the live chat. It is better when you are winning however.
    Skol !!!

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    Haters in the.....

    Yeah its great when your winning but sh*t it was only the first quarter when i left. But like you said RK, SKOL and some other guys are cool to chat with.

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    Haters in the.....

    i was only in livechat for the last 2 minutes today, but i know a few of the guys you are probably talking about.

    and i cant believe that Holmeed guy was back, he wasnt there when i got there, but from reading Neos message he must have been. that guys an ass.
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  5. Haters in the.....

    Yeah I stopped last week ......Way to negative for me........just stupid arguments

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    Haters in the.....

    who wants moderator priviledges for when I am gone? That way we can shut out the yahoos....or at minimum make em a registered user of our forums....people's attitudes are pissing me off.

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    Haters in the.....

    Us Vikes fans either need to gang up on these A$$HOLES and run them off OR ignore them until they leave. It is not like they are really in the same room as us (literally, that is)...a chatter can easily be ignored by everyone that doesn't like that chatter just agreeing to not respond to ANYTHING that that offensive chatter says. The flip side is for EVERY Vikes fan to just go off on the offensive chatter until they get tired of being insulted...personally, that can be fun sometimes, but it definitely distracts the Vikings fans in the chat from the game.

  8. Haters in the.....

    Yeah that chat needs a moderator badly. Most of the guys there are cool though, its a minority that ruins it.

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    Haters in the.....

    the thing about them is, when they start writing over and over, it makes me stop writing. i quit looking at the room and sometimes just leave. i dont mind a real fan saying, damn that was a stupid play, but when someone like the few in the chatroom get on their rants that seem to last for an entire quarter, i just tune the whole room out.

    and id moderarte the chat, but there is no way i could gaurantee id be in there for every game. so someone with a less hectic schedule might be better.
    "the only diffrence between suicide and martyrdom is the press coverage"
    Tender Branson

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    Haters in the.....

    Webby, just make it where you have to be a registered user, and login with your username, to enter chat. If you get numerous complaints about a hater in the chat, lock them out.

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