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  1. press conferences

    I couldnt find this in the forums....

    Does anyone know if there is an internet link for the Viking Press Conferences?
    Pregame, Postgame, Midweek....etc?
    I'd much rather see the Packers miss the playoffs because of their talent then because of their injuries.

  2. Re: press conferences usually has the post-game audio and also transcribes it.
    If you go there and click on the Video/Audio link they have the post game and a audio of a press conf from today.
    (Although the video won't work on my work computer?)

    EDIT: Actually the audio doesn't work here either, not sure if it's the RealPlayer or bad link.

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    Re: press conferences

    Worked for me last evening.
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  4. Re: press conferences

    The site has a bad link right now.

  5. Re: press conferences

    works now!!!

  6. Re: press conferences

    link works now, but I must not have the right plug in for the audio or the video.

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    Re: press conferences also has video links for all of the press conferences.

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