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  1. first 4 sans Chamberlain

    I may be an a$$, but at least I m a smart one

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    first 4 sans Chamberlain

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    first 4 sans Chamberlain

    When it s all said and done, you ll have to admit we re number 1!

  4. first 4 sans Chamberlain

    1. at Green Bay
    We can beat the Cheeseheads without Bennet & Chamberlian, They only have like 1 starting linebacker and a couple DLineman on their roster, which Moe should be able to handle, and the secondary's shoddy enough to allow Cullpepper to tear up some yards with Moss-Bates-Campbell-Burleson.

    2. Home vs. Chicago
    This one might get tricky, Chicago has some good linebackers and some run-stuffing DLineman, however, their secondary looks as if it should yeild to Pep. But Kordell might actually create a threat at the QB spot, and actually be able to get that ball to Booker & White. Let's hope their OLine still sucks.

    3. at Detroit.
    They've made alot of improvements over this year, the biggest in getting rid of Dumb@$$ Marty, but so have we, this one should be a win, the Lions don't have a very good Linebacker core, and they lost their best LB to us. Moe should be able to get some good yardage and the win.

    4. Home vs. San Francisco
    Probably the toughest one, a real testament to whether our secondary has improved to a suitable level, otherwise Jeff and Terrell will tear us apart. Offensively we shouldn't be to bad off, although the 49ers have a decent Dline and a few good guys in their secondary, they're overall depth is lacking.

    Overall for first 3 games sans Chamberlain and Bennet, I'd say 3-1 and maybe 4-0 if we're lucky.
    I may be an a$$, but at least I m a smart one

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