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  1. Onterrio

    this guy is a workhorse, he couldn't practice with us for 4 weeks, that had to be tough and with the little amount of carries he got, he really showed me alot. before, i really liked bennett, but now after hes been back and onterrio has shown his stuff, i think we should stick to onterrio and he needs at least 20 carries a game and thats not even alot. bennett can block but that is about it right now.

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    Bennett just doesnt find wholes like onterrio, he doesnt have the vision, the speed always intriged me but its time to be honest. ONTERRIO IS OUR RB. Onterrio and Moore, Bennett is a great guy and what not but i just dont see a need for him anymore. He wants to play, so he needs to go somewhere where he's gonna get a chance to get the bulk of carries. It's not gonna happen in Minn no matter how bad he wants it.

    This is the first game where i have seen both of them play in the same game and you could tell there was much more chemistry and explotion when Onterrio is in.

    All i can say is "Get ready GB cause Onterrio is comin to town".

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    Onterrio looked AWESOME...the moves, the way he waited for his blocks, the determined way that he fought for every if we can just keep him away from the weed, we have our back for the future (immediate future, anyway)...but we still gotta keep Bennett in the mix (for trade value at any rate)...I still think that Bennett is a good back, but he could learn a little from Onterrio's performance tonight!

  4. Onterrio

    Like I've said all along, Onterrio is the best all-around back we have

  5. Onterrio

    If Onterrio doesnt start from now on, there is something wrong

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    "ADubya26" wrote:
    If Onterrio doesnt start from now on, there is something wrong
    i agree.

  7. Onterrio

    I have to give props where they are do.

    Smith did a great job.

    I saw that play open up. As soon as the hole opened on the line, I said he was gone. It was great. Awesome cutback and a little burst of speed. Looked good, no rust on Smith.

  8. Onterrio

    I would keep Bennett in on 3rd downs or any time for a possible screen. His speed is awesome on the screen pass. He had that awesome screen that was called back.

    Smith starts!!! I can't believe I said it, but it is the truth.
    I think the players have more confidence in him than anyone else.

  9. Onterrio

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again - I'd love to see both backs in at the same time. Line them up in an I formation, and then motion Bennett out into the slot. We just might get a linebacker on Bennett that way, and that's a matchup that Bennett can always win. Even if we don't get that match-up, we still have Smith in the backfield, where he's been a beast, and then we have Bennett out in the open, where he can use his speed. Obviously we can't do this all the time, but I think it could work for a few plays per game.

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    Ontario is a very good back but I dont understand why Bennett is not getting a chance to get his job back. 5 carries spead out is not getting a lot of touches like Tice said he would.If he got the carries he would do just as good as Smith.
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