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  1. Ashlie Lelie Or Kelly Cambell?

    Who do you guys think I should start in my fantasy league? I think cambell will have a big game tommorow night being Moss is out but I am not sure about Lelie!Let me know what you guys think!

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    Ashlie Lelie Or Kelly Cambell?

    I'd go with Lelie.

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    Ashlie Lelie Or Kelly Cambell?

    I'm waiting for Kelly to have a big greak out game but I think his only TD was against the cowboys. Kind of a disapointing season, i expected more big plays from him this year. Hopefully he can pick his game up.

    I would probably go with Lelie.

  4. Ashlie Lelie Or Kelly Cambell?

    cambell against this defense in Indy will get his opportunities
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