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    TICE NEEDS TO GO!!!!!!!!!

    Actually just wanted to say I've been observing this board for about the last year and want to say it's good to be around other serious Viking fans.

    I'm sorry all this is my first post and it's not postive.

    Mike Tice is not a good coach. We have probaly the best talent in the NFL and I feel TICE is just clueless out there.

    Did anyone else see during the Giants game. Randy Moss standing next to Tice and pointing to items on the field basically coaching the coach.

    I'm sorry but Tice will not get the job done. We need to cut our losses and get a real coach.

    Did anyone else see the stat ESPN posted about the only 2 coaches with no prior coaching expereince. Tice is one of them.

    I'm sorry this is not a personal attack againts Tice. Coaching at any level is a rite of passage Tice has been a player but this is not the same as coaching. I live in AZ I was at the Phx game last year, I can tell you Tice had that same bewildered look on his face like he always does when the game is not going according to plan. Not the Chucky face the what do I do now face!!!! He just stands there frozen never speaks. You look over at the Giants coach and he is commanding his MEN.

    This is the same look Tony Dungy has, everyone watch this Monday at both of the OHH my god what do I do coaches. Why do you think George O'Leary was there lat year because Tice felt sorry for him about the ND job. Maybe a little mostly so he had a senior [consultant] person to help teach him how to coach. I'm sorry go learn how to coach on someones else team. Not mine with the absolute 2 best players in the league and no playoff's. Trust me the Vikings didn't lose all those games Mike Tice gets out coached!!

    It's not all Tice's fault it's RED being cheap, Mike Tice will not be back [Mike should have been fired after the AZ game] because he is not helping to increase the value of the Vikings which is what Red wants so he can sell the team. The sooner this sale is over the better so we can focus on winning the SB with Moss still here.

    Moss or no Moss the Vikings have a GREAT QB and when you have a GREAT QB you can overcome must problems during a game. Let's face it the Vikings have plenty of O talent. The D talent is okay the pass/rush is the problem. We just come up short on the sack and the GREAT QB's make us pay. Sorry for the long post!


    but Tice must go!!!!

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    TICE NEEDS TO GO!!!!!!!!!

    Wasn't Tice the Offensive Line Coach? Granted thats not a coordinator or anything. But, I do not think people go from nothing to a head coach in the NFL.

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    TICE NEEDS TO GO!!!!!!!!!

    Welcome vikes! WOW, what an auspicious beginning! You make some good points, but Tice is not all bad...granted, he has looked lost at times, but he has put together a pretty good team, especially on defense...however, it is a very young defense and with that inexperience comes growing pains. I want the Vikings to win as much as you do, but Denny didn't win any Super Bowls here either. I don't know about you, but I don't care if we make the playoffs if we don't win the Super Bowl. I would take 10 crappy years in a row in exchange for one Super Bowl one remembers the Super Bowl losers unless they lose all of the ones that they are us and Buffalo. I want that monkey off of our backs and no one has done it in that respect, Tice is no worse than Bud Grant or any other coach we have ever had. I know that is extreme, but at least Tice is attempting to build a defense to go with our explosive offense (something Denny never bothered to do). Let's at least give Tice until the end of the season to prove himself...after the season, we can pass judgment. Our window of opportunity is larger than many other teams, so if we don't win it all this year (though I hope we do), we will be back even stronger next year and for the next several years with our core intact. In summation, be a little will come!

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    TICE NEEDS TO GO!!!!!!!!!

    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    Wasn't Tice the Offensive Line Coach? Granted thats not a coordinator or anything. But, I do not think people go from nothing to a head coach in the NFL.
    I think your right. The other coach I think was Herm Edward. I'm going to email ESPN and get the actual stat and post it.

    Still my point is Tice is not getting the job done with the talent he has.

    Am I the only one concerned that the Lions have a coach now. The Lions are a threat to the Vikings and the Packers have the NFL favorite player on their side plus a decent coach. We are at maybe another 2 years before we dump Moss for salary cap reasons. If Jerry Rice can be cut anyone can be!

    The rigors of Spartan life. Leonidas is cast out into the wild, and survives the harsh winter to return to his home, when he is crowned King ....a Viking!


  5. TICE NEEDS TO GO!!!!!!!!!

    I do agree, I am not saying he has to go but I do think that he gets out coached. Linehan is green also.

    If we win the Bowl, it is because of the play of our players not our coach. I just don't think that Tice has "IT". Whatever "IT" is, I don't think he has it.

    They had the stat on MNF didn't they or maybe it was Sunday night. It was worded that they had no previous Head Coach or Coordinating positions. Not in college or pros.

  6. TICE NEEDS TO GO!!!!!!!!!

    The 47-year-old Edwards has brought the same enthusiasm he had as a player to his coaching. After a 10-year playing career with the Eagles, Rams and Falcons, Edwards got his start in coaching in 1989 with the Kansas City Chiefs as part of the NFL's Minority Coaching Fellowship program. He was an assistant with the Chiefs and Buccaneers before making his head coaching debut with the Jets this season

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  7. TICE NEEDS TO GO!!!!!!!!!

    In defense of Tice, I think he was left with a team that was dismal to say the least, the defense was absolutely horrid, the offense was powerful, but there were rifts between players. First of all, he's has Moss and DC playin on the same page, they're not arguing on the sidelines, and I think Tice has alot to do with that, whereas it seemed it didn't bother Denny that his "team leaders" would fight and argue on the sidelines. As far as the defense goes, we have alot more talent than we did when Tice took over, alot of young guys though, so it's gonna take time. I don't think Tice has to go, I think he's doin a hell of a job considering what he was left with. I will admit I've questioned some of his calls, but no coach always makes the right decisions. We've only lost 2 games, I don't think it's that bad, and I don't think it's time to call for his head.
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  8. TICE NEEDS TO GO!!!!!!!!!

    The only way tice goes if this team collapses again like last year and doesnt reach the playoffs along with winning the divison. SUre i wasnt too happy with tice over the week but im willing to wait till the season is over to make a decision if he should be our coach or not.
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    TICE NEEDS TO GO!!!!!!!!!

    Tice is an excellent coach. If I thought that Tice had control of this team like he should have as head coach I might feel differently. Look at the subtleties for clues to what is REALLY going on here. For example: did someone lean on Tice to bring Bennet back in for the Giants game?!?

    But while we are on the subject of calling for peoples heads..........

    Smith. I have a hard time supporting someone who can't stay clean when his team depends on it.

    Bennet. Injury prone, has only played 10 games out of the last 24 and turns into Mr. pouty pants when he doesn't get his starter job back immediately. Not a team player.

    Hovan. Shut your mouth and play the game.

    Dorsey. Wait until the guy next to you moves.

    Linehan. Are you stuck?

    That isn't all of the heads I would like to see roll but it is enough for now.

    Personally, I don't think there is intelligent life on other planets. Why should other planets be any different from this one?

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    TICE NEEDS TO GO!!!!!!!!!

    I would have to say that when Smith got busted, the team really did not need him as bad as they do now. I wasn't sure that he was going to be this good.

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