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    NYG has Culpooper Kryptonite!

    I was hoping for a different outcome as most were this week... I refuse to believe NYG actually has a better team than the Vikes... maybe they were better coached and they seemed to want the win more...very evident by the way Tice and the team gave up before the start of forth quarter... yeah, sure the Vike scored in the forth but the giants stopped playing tight D...

    on the bright side, this is the most the Vikes have scored against the Giants in the last three games--lucky number 13... 41-0 in the playoffs and last year when the giants sucked, the vikes only scored 6, i think?

    I have come to the conclusion that: The giants have culpeeper kryptonite! he throws INT's and makes so many mistakes against them...

    well, next week is the most important game of the will determine the attitude and emotion of the vikes team for Green Bay... Indy must go down!

  2. NYG has Culpooper Kryptonite!

    Oct 26, 2003 N.Y. Giants We Lost 17-29

    Hopefully, the Giants have some anti-McNABB and TO kryptonite.

    I want them to finish above the Eagles and I want them again. I want revenge. It is our turn. I don't really care to see them again if we can help it. But sometime in the next year, I want to kick their ass. We have too.

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