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I don't believe you are supposed to use the "Tags" as a means to negotiate trades, but it happens.
Last year the Jets Franchise Tagged Abraham who eventually got 3-way traded to the Falcons.

The Bucs could have brought him in to ignite some trade talks; however, I doubt a trade withing the division would be that amicable.
So the logical reasoning for the visit is to get the early shot at him for next year like gr8tvike said.

yeah but what is the deal with the franchise tag.
dont you have to give up whatever he is deemed.
like could you bargain a deal or is the deal set, 2 first round picks in whatever capacity.
i know they say in some situations when a guy is tagged you have to give up such and such to get him, but is that a starting point for discussion, or the only thing you can give up to get him?
Given a Franchise Tag the team that offers a player a contract has to give up 2 1st round picks, if the owner doesn't match the offer. However if the owner agrees to a trade with another team the Tag is forfeited.

In the case of RFAs there are different kind of tenders that can be put on the players decided by the 'tender-offer' made by the owner. It's based every year on contracts of other players at the given position, what the contract value is for the different levels of tenders.