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  1. Re: What's wrong with the cover 2?

    I would assume that our passing secondary looks bad on paper beacuse no one wants to run on us!

    But, as for the game, you never expect to have big runs, like you do can be decieving at times!

  2. Re: What's wrong with the cover 2?

    no one even tries running against the vikings anymore. cant blame em. its almost impossible.
    we need a more balance on defense is all. nothing a couple of GOOD draft picks and FA cant fix next year. maybe they can play for 4 quarters next year too. i dont know about anyone else, but when they got the onside kick, you cant tell you werent re-living a couple years back......

  3. Re: What's wrong with the cover 2?

    When teams stop running, what do you want. We lead the league in stopping the run and lead the league in 3 and outs. If we can keep forcing the and outs and keep the other teams off of the scoreboard i don't really give a crap how many yards they get.

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    Re: What's wrong with the cover 2?

    "i_bleed_purple" wrote:
    keep in mind also, leinart threw 50 times against us.
    anytime a qb throws 50 attempts, his numbers will be bigger than you'd like.

    i put some numbers together and found out waht the yds/attempt is, and the vikings rank 8th in the league for that.
    they also only have 59% completion agains them which puts them at 14th in the league.

    these stats don't include the cards game because isn't updated yet.
    I'd agree with that assesment. They came out like the Pats did (almost). Trying to beat us passing.

    Sure we game up 400 yds on those 50 attempts. But still we only gave away 1 offensive TD right there at the end of the game.

    Thanks to PPE for the sig.

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