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  1. udeze

    nfl network right now
    Here s the most important thing: You can NEVER lose your sense of humor. Without that, you ve got NOTHING. (Divinci) James Belushi

  2. udeze

    On again at 9:00pm and midnight central time.

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    UDZ will be the man, especially alongside KWill.

  4. udeze

    what are they saying about him

  5. udeze

    talking about his first couple weeks in the nfl,how he got fined for his celbration{sp} for his first sack
    Here s the most important thing: You can NEVER lose your sense of humor. Without that, you ve got NOTHING. (Divinci) James Belushi

  6. udeze

    He was telling the story of how he came into the locker room for practice and saw a nice looking FedEx package waiting for him at his locker. Well to his surprise when he opened it up, it was a nice letter up until the end. At the end it told him to get his checkbook out and pay his fine for shooting the eagle out of the air. It was too suggestive. He shrugged it off. He said he was just excited to get his first sack and be on MNF. He didn't mean anything hurtful he was just excited.

  7. udeze

    I remember when he did that and thinking 'uh oh he's gonna catch hell for that'.
    And, ladies and gentlemen, I also know that he cannot lead troops to victory in a war when he has made it perfectly clear that he does not support the cause. -Gen. Tommy Franks on John Kerry-

  8. udeze

    Wow that has to be the lamest fine i ever heard of. I see players doing worst stuff then that and not be fined.
    Hupo oe ke kau ana i ka waiupa a ma kou pa o & Hupo na Po o waiupa a

  9. udeze

    It is like the Knife slicing the throat gesture.

    He simulated a gun, actually he simulated a pump action shotgun followed a bird across the sky and shot it.

    It is amazing how he gets fined for it and the NFL network had no problem showing it on TV again. Hypocrits!!!!

    It's not alright to do it but he have no problems showing it..

    Rod Woodson was telling Udeze that they would open other players FedEx packages and when that player would come in they would tell him about the fine before he could get to his locker to open the Fed Ex.

    Rod thought it was funny. He almost made it seem like it wasn't a punishment, it was more like an accolade. Or in simpler terms, it is like getting a star on yourhome work but having to pay thousands of $$$ for that star.

  10. udeze

    I hate when they fine players for stuff like that...its part of the game. Unnecessary, yes, but celebrations do add excitement to the game. I can agree with the TO running out onto the Dallas star, TO signing a ball, or Joe Horn's cellphone stunt all as being fineable offenses - but a sack celebration? Come on.

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