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Thread: Ello, Draft Day

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    Ello, Draft Day

    When it s all said and done, you ll have to admit we re number 1!

  2. Ello, Draft Day

    Hey guys, this is my first post on the board, im not a true Viking fan to be honest im a casual NFL fan (who hates the Pack)

    I like the moves you've made in FA, Denard Walker is a great no.2 corner, when i say no.2 i mean to say hes not a guy who can shut down half the field, but hes great in man 2 man coverage,decent in zone, never gets beat for TDs, The price you paid for him was a steal!. Honestly if you've never seen him play he will easily be the best corner youve had for some time.

    I also love the Claiborne signing, good against the run, good in passing downs, needed to get out of that 'winning' atmosphere in Detroit, again another steal at 5.5M over 2 seasons!

    Yea, so my point is on draft day whats the opinion that the Vikes will do? right now id LOVE to see them take Andre Johnson to team up with Randy, with Dwayne Bates in the slot.
    A DT is also a possibility, but just for the entertainment value having Culpepper behind a solid line with Bennett & Williams coming out the backfield, with Moss, Johnson,Kleinsasser & Bates receving is almost orgasmic, no?

    I can see the first round right now going:

    Bengals- Carson Palmer
    Detroit- Charles Rogers
    Texans- trading down past
    Chicago- Terrell Suggs
    Cowboys- Terrence Newman
    Arizona- Byron Leftwich

    Leaving you guys on the board with Johnson, Robertson & Trufant, as the only blue chip prospects still abailable.

  3. Ello, Draft Day

    Darold "PaPa" Gustafson 1927-2004, Carol Gustafson 1935-2005, U guys are back together in Heaven, We Miss u!!

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