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  1. I hate Red McCombs.

    So the last thing this guy does before he leaves Minnesota is trade away Randy Moss.

    I couldn't believe it when it happened because I never liked Culpepper.
    Ever since he blew Gus Frerotte's 6-0 start in the 2003-2004 season while Culpepper was out with a back injury. Culpepper comes back and takes us 3-7. My point is we shoulda let his overpaid a$$ go. Especially since around that time everyone thought, (some still do) that this man is a franchise QB.

    I remember it clearly because our season ended with missing the playoffs when a touchdown reception on 4th-and-long by Arizona Cardinals receiver Nate Poole...I was at that game.

    A common misconception is the Vikings freed a ton of salary capspace by trading Moss. The reality is they were already well under thesalary cap - more than $30 million in fact - and actually had to absorbabout $7-10 million just to trade Moss.

    Now look where my Vikings are...without a go to receiver.
    Marcus Robinson fills that roll decently...but he's hurt.
    But the man we draft to replace Moss, Troy Williamson, does nothing but drop passes. It's basically his rookie season since he was injured most of last year. But I don't care, he does nothing but drop passes like T.O.

    I was alright wih letting Randy go, as long as we were winning.
    But we're not, our offense is garbage and this **** has me infuriated.


    P.S I hate Culpepper.

    And **** the Bears.

  2. Re: I hate Red McCombs.

    welcome to the site Rambro


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    Re: I hate Red McCombs.

    A heated time to join!

    I agree.
    Red really did a number here.
    Not Moss in my book, but everything he did to tangle up this team and then hand it off to Zygi.

    Its a wonder that we can straighten things out.

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    Re: I hate Red McCombs.

    I watched a number of Raiders games this year and I cannot see how he would be contributing to us this year the way he is producing.

    Red should have traded Moss and Culpepper to the cowboys for a ton of draft picks to pay them back for the Walker ordeal, but I doubt they would fall for it.

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    Re: I hate Red McCombs.

    Does anyone really believe Ziggy and crew did have a say in Randy staying or going? If you are buying a business especially one for over 200 Million. Do you think you are watching what is going on with it until funding is complete? Ziggy and crew knew. They just did not want to look lije the bad guy if they cut Moss. Plus Minnesota was looking to dump him for cap reasons. I do think Randy got a raw deal in Minnesota though.


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    Re: I hate Red McCombs.

    "Rambro" wrote:
    I hate Red McCombs.
    ??? First now?

    Welcome to the site Rambro.

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