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    What about the Packers?

    Its Packer week! Although, it didn't feel like it (for me anyways). All this QB talk is giving me a headache
    :'( . I haven't read much about this upcomming game! I've been looking forward to watching this game. Last week made me sad but I'm back and hyped up for this game again. Its Friday!

    I just wanted to start a discussion about the game this Sunday. What do you guys expect from the Vikes in this game and what do you guys think the results will be.

    I Predict...

    ** Takes out a Crystal Ball **

    A win for us at home! --- 24-17

    The offense will be fired up for this game. I see the offense scoring 2TDs. Both TDs comming in the first half. A TD from the Defense in the second half (Interception and returning it for a Touchdown).
    And a FG towards the end of the game.

    The defense will play well as they have done.

    Half time score : 14-7

    ** Puts Crystal Ball back in shoe box **

    As Childress has preached since hes got here. It all starts with the line. The D line has proven that. Sunday, the O line will have prove that as well. If they step it up, the rest of the offense will too ("The Needed Spark!").

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    Re: What about the Packers?

    I agree with the predication for the final score, but I think it will be two defensive TDs (one in each half) and an offensive TD late in the game.
    i think we will be down 10-7 at halftime, prompting the boo birds (which I hate).
    But a Sharper INT returned for a touchdown will put us on top early in the second half for good.

  3. Re: What about the Packers?

    I am thinking that the defense will be the key for our victory this Sunday. The offense will play well, but the defense will hold it down for us.

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    Re: What about the Packers?

    I am going to say 31-0.
    I think we shut the packers out.


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    Re: What about the Packers?

    "RK." wrote:
    I am going to say 31-0.
    I think we shut the packers out.
    I say we play the best game this season yet and we take it to them 57-0. making it the most points scored in a game in vikings history ;D. i say we come out with a new look and like i like to say, play "brilliantly reckless"

    Thanks Josdin00 for the sig!

  6. Re: What about the Packers?

    i think we're going to play like we've always played (except for the pats game). close, crappy offense, stud defense. low scoring, favre is going to suck, brad as well, and our defense will have a field day with favres duck passes and our amazing run defense.

    14-7, we win

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    Re: What about the Packers?

    As long as we win (the vikes) and they lose (the cheesedicks) then I don't care what the score is!

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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    Re: What about the Packers?

    All i know is if we lose to the pack, we just plain suck. I do think we will win with the score ending up 13-10. Longwell will kick a game winning field goal at the end. If we lose i think it is time for Tarvaris Jackson, only if he is healthy.

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