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  1. Key Matchups this week?

    Dillion/Maroney vs. MN Run defense?
    Marcus Johnson vs. what can be a tricky 3-4 defense?
    MN D-line vs. NE O-line?

    My vote goes to our D-line dominating the line of scrimmage to stop the run and get in Brady's face.

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    Re: Key Matchups this week?

    -Maroney Vs. Williams' in the middle, and Maroney Vs. LB's outside.

    -Chester Vs. the 3-4

    -Of course, B.C. Vs. Bellicheck
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    Re: Key Matchups this week?

    Williams "Brothers" vs Maroney and Dillon

    Dime Package vs 4 WR Set

    Ben Leber and Napoleon Harris vs Ben Watson

    Mike Tomlin vs Tom Brady


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    Re: Key Matchups this week?

    I agree on most of your match-ups. And adds this one:

    Brady vs. Short-Middle pass defense

    Thanks to PPE for the sig.

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