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    E.J. Henderson blameless, NFL says

    (Disclaimer: I realize there is already a thread on the so-called "cheap shot" by EJ & normally I would post this article there, but that "was it-wasn't it" topic has been beat to death & very few members would go back to the thread anymore & see this article. This article is an NFL ruling & brings closure to that thread. Besides, there are some other interesting tid-bits in this article)

    Posted on Sat, Oct. 28, 2006

    [size=13pt]Henderson blameless, NFLsays[/size]

    Pioneer Press

    The NFL absolved Vikings linebacker E.J. Henderson of any wrongdoing for rolling into Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck no Sunday.

    Mike Pereira, the NFL's vice president of officiating, told the Pioneer Press on Friday that Henderson did nothing wrong on the play that will sideline Hasselbeck for at least three weeks.

    "There was no foul on the play because of the push in the back," Pereira said. "The contact was unavoidable."

    On third down of the opening drive of the second half, Hasselbeck dropped back and threw a pass intended for fullback Josh Parry. But as the play was wrapping up, Seahawks fullback Mack Strong pushed Henderson, who rolled into Hasselbeck's right leg.

    Pereira reinforced the officials' decision not to penalize Henderson.

    Henderson appreciated the NFL's support, although he insisted he was blameless.

    "It wasn't questionable to me," Henderson said. "It's nice because I didn't get fined."

    Earlier in the week, Hasselbeck said, "I don't think it was unavoidable," adding that Henderson "didn't want me to finish the game."

    "I could care two (expletive) about what Hasselbeck said," Henderson said Friday. "Straight up."

    Vikings rookie defensive end Ray Edwards was fined for a hit on a Seahawks quarterback. Late in the fourth quarter, Edwards was flagged for roughing the passer following a hit on backup quarterback Seneca Wallace.

    Edwards was fined $5,000 for roughing the passer by the league Friday.

    Edwards said he was surprised by the fine and that he planned to appeal it.

    Robinson update: As he struggled to put on his socks, Vikings receiver Marcus Robinson said he still hoped to play Monday against the New England Patriots.

    Robinson said a second opinion on his back determined he had a "deep bruise," and he referred questions about his timetable to head athletic trainer Eric Sugarman and coach Brad Childress. Sugarman does not speak to reporters, and Childress will address the media today.

    Asked if he would return next week, Robinson said, "I'm hoping Monday.

    "We'll see for sure," he said.

    The odds of him playing, though, are remote.

    Other players who missed a portion of the "team practice," defined as any portion of 11-on-11 team work: G Artis Hicks (neck), T Marcus Johnson (ankle), DE Kenechi Udeze (hip), WR Troy Williamson (concussion), DT Pat Williams (foot), WR Bethel Johnson (hamstring) and WR Travis Taylor (concussion).

    Williams was upgraded from questionable to probable, and Taylor and Johnson remained probable.

    Williamson was downgraded to questionable Thursday, but he is on track to play against the Patriots.

    Sharper read: Safety Darren Sharper said Hasselbeck was "correct" in pointing out that he cheated on the 72-yard touchdown in the first quarter by Darrell Jackson.

    Hasselbeck indicated the Seahawks used Sharper's studying of their tendencies to their advantage and used it against him.

    "That goes back to a guy knowing you and knowing your tendencies," Sharper said, "and he won that battle right there."

    Sharper, though, didn't care, noting that "We won the game."

    More often than not, Sharper said his homework pays off.

    "It has worked for me lot more than its hurt me. That's how I made my name," he said.

    Patriots coach Bill Belichick praised Sharper for his playmaking skills.

    "You have to know where he is," Belichick said. "He's probably as good as any free safety we've played against, in terms of anticipating and recognizing route combinations and kind of jumping the play."

    Sharper said he studies route combinations, something he learned from former Green Bay Packers safety Eugene Robinson.

    Awarded: Running back Chester Taylor won the FedEx Air & Ground player of the week award after gaining a career-high 169 rushing yards in Seattle.

    As part of the award, FedEx donated $5,000 to the University of Minnesota Children's Hospital, Fairview.

    "They give money to kids in the hospital," he said. "Giving money to children, that's better than the award."

    Briefly: Belichick said the Vikings have the "best offensive line we've seen this year."

    Of left tackle Bryant McKinnie, Belichick said, "He's kind of like a freak playing out there."

    • Owner Zygi Wilf and several players will celebrate a $200,000 investment into the refurbishment of Parade Stadium in Minneapolis on Tuesday.

    Don Seeholzer contributed to this report. Sean Jensen can be reached at

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    Re: E.J. Henderson blameless, NFL says

    Re: the last vignette...Belichick is SO FULL OF CRAP with his comments...he has a promising career in fiction writing when his coaching days are over!

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    Re: E.J. Henderson blameless, NFL says

    [size=13pt]Henderson feels vindicated [/size]

    Posted by Mike Sando @ 03:59:01 pm

    Vikings LB E.J. Henderson told reporters in Minnesota today what he said earlier in the week: There was nothing dirty about the hit that knocked Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck out with a sprained knee. Said Henderson: "It felt good not to be fined. Nobody wants to lose money." As for Hasselbeck's charge that the hit was dirty: "I don't care what Hasselbeck said. I already said before that it wasn't a dirty hit, so I really care less what he said. If he thought it was dirty or not. I already told it wasn't on purpose. I said I hope he wasn't injured." And does he care if he talks to Hasselbeck about it: "No, I don't care, it's over. He's out for a couple weeks, see you when you get back." As to whether or not the hit was dirty, my earlier take on this is [url=][size=10pt]here.[/[/size]url]

    (Keep in mind: These comments were made after the ruling [singersp])

    Comment from: seahawkfan5704 ( Registered User )
    I don't know for sure, because I didn't see it, but some have said he was on the sidelines high fiving teammates and coaches...if that is true, shouldn't that prove there was intent? That is very unprofessional...
    10/27/06 @ 11:59

    Comment from: BlueTalon ( Registered User )
    Hit behavior immediately after the impact was not consistant with having just hit a QB, even though he knew a split second before that he was heading in exactly that direction. He showed no awareness or concern that he had just rolled into someone. IMO, he was fully aware of the situation and was deliberately trying to hide that fact.

    Apparently, the NFL condones that kind of hit as long as the defender can adequately pretend he didn't mean it.
    10/27/06 @ 12:05

    Comment from: lemonverbena ( Registered User )
    on the play, Henderson is looking downfield as he rolls into Hasselbeck, and keeps looking away as Hass goes down, as if he doesn't know he hit anyone. i'm biased but i thought that made it obvious he knew what he was doing. Matt's a smart guy and not prone to making wild accusations. it was dirty.
    10/27/06 @ 12:08

    Comment from: Mike Sando ( TNT )
    I do not know E.J. Henderson. I have found Hasselbeck to be credible. He believes it was dirty and it's logical to put some stock in that; he was there when it happened and he has a feel for the game. Also, his comments were not made in the heat of battle right after the game. They were measured comments made a full day later. It doesn't mean the hit was dirty. We can't prove that and there is room for reasonable people to disagree. But just because the league didn't issue a fine doesn't mean Hasselbeck's feelings are without merit.
    10/27/06 @ 12:11

    Comment from: HawkFromDay1 ( Registered User )
    Unless they're going to change it to a W, who cares.
    10/27/06 @ 12:11

    Comment from: douglasdad ( Registered User )
    It was dirty.

    The hit of P. Manning was dirty.

    The hit on R-berger was border-line but skewed to dirty.

    I thought the NFL was trying to protect quarterbacks?
    10/27/06 @ 12:12

    Comment from: PaulieP ( Registered User )
    Henderson may have been looking down field to see if the play was completed. To me, the hit didn't look dirty, maybe a little careless, but definitely not dirty.
    10/27/06 @ 12:17

    Comment from: RACERX615 ( Registered User )
    Lemon-that is exactly what i saw,he did not look back to see who he bumped because he knew exactly what he was doing,the high fives and celebration.Was that because he had sacked Hass,no it was because he knew he knocked him out of the game.
    10/27/06 @ 12:21

    Comment from: lordtd ( Registered User )
    This stuff about Strong pushing him is rubbish. Strong blocked him initially, but not after he went down to the ground. He was knocked down, and he continued into the QB long after Strong had finished blocking him, and long after Hasslebeck had released the ball and watched it fall incomplete.

    I had an unobstructed view from the endzone behind the Seahawks, and it was clear as day to me that it was both a late hit and a cheap shot. He wasn't even looking at Matt as he rolled. If you were going to tackle someone, you'd face them and try to get your hands over so you could grab on. He threw his body into Matt because he could, knowing full well it would have no impact on the play.

    It was a cheap shot. When you're rushing the QB, you know where he is. If you run into him with your body without looking after the play is over, it's pretty gol 'darnit clear what you're doing.

    It should have got a flag, and a penalty.

    Another thing I've not heard discussed was the offsetting penalties on the drive where Minnesota scored the long TD pass in the 2nd Quarter. At one point it was 3rd and 1, and they threw the ball downfield. The refs called a completely bogus PI call against Seattle that should have been offensive pass interference, and this offset a holding call against the Vikings.

    So, instead of having 3rd and 11, which it should have been, it was 3rd and 1, and they gained 11. That should have been the end of it.

    The PI call was a crock. The WR pushed off the DB going for the ball, and the PI was called on us.

    Reminded me of the superbowl.
    10/27/06 @ 12:21

    Comment from: lordtd ( Registered User )
    I mean, instead of having 3rd and 11, it was 3rd and 1 and they gained 7. They would have kicked here, and the long pass never happened.
    10/27/06 @ 12:24

    Comment from: RACERX615 ( Registered User )
    That was clearly without a shadow of a doubt offensive P I.
    10/27/06 @ 12:26

    Comment from: ElPerroGrandeDos ( Registered User )
    All I know is that we're complaining about dirty hits while other teams are beaten us like a red-headed step-child! Enough said.
    10/27/06 @ 12:28

    Comment from: RACERX615 ( Registered User )
    Yeah Ellpedro or whatever you are,why can't we get your take on the situation then.
    10/27/06 @ 12:32

    Comment from: leshthomas ( Registered User )
    I thought the PI call was bogus as well, but it seems like there is at least one call like that in every game for every team. Maybe part of it is us seahawk fans might be a tad sensitive since the Carolina game last year and the Stupor Bowl?

    The hit by EJ Henderson was ugly, and I dont see a way to definitively say whether or not the dude meant to hit Hasselbeck. Like Hass said: only EJ knows. Hass is hurt, the damage is done--lets just hope he comes back healthy real soon.

    I wonder if Holmgren will give Marcus Weeks some carries against the Chiefs--he might be a better runner between the tackles than Mo Morris, and current opinion is that KC is vulnerable to runs up the gut.
    10/27/06 @ 12:34

    Comment from: seahawkfan5704 ( Registered User )
    I guess what gets me is not the fact that he ran in to him, again, only Henderson knows, but the fact that he went to the sidelines slapping fives with players and coaches...

    He had to have known what he had done and that it was going to take him out of the game, if not longer. Why can't the NFL take what happened on the sidelines into consideration with what happened on the play?

    Young kids are watching this stuff. His celebration was nothing short of thugish. He didn't sack him, he didn't interfere with the pass play, he took out a QB after the ball was gone and injured him.

    There is tons of talk all the time about the NBA becoming a thug league. Yet, when it comes to the NFL, they are going to ignore the celebrating of an injury to a player while on the sideline? Seems absurd to me...
    10/27/06 @ 12:42

    Comment from: leshthomas ( Registered User )
    I didnt notice Henderson high-fiving teammates after the play. Maybe they were just stoked about the incompletion? If Henderson and company were celebrating knocking Hasselbeck out of the game, they should at least be reprimanded by the Vikes coaching staff and the league. Who knows, maybe the league/the Vikings have chewed thier butts for unsportsmanlike conduct...
    10/27/06 @ 12:47

    Comment from: ashleykeltner ( Registered User )
    Is it possible to view past video footage of Henderson versus other opponents to see what kind of track record he has? Correct me if I'm wrong, but as mentioned in a previous comment, I believe it was Henderson who gave D.J. Hackett a shove to the turf after the play was dead. Maybe EJ has a history??? If officials are trying to gather more information in regards to what is dirty or not, maybe the situation needs to be tracked another way.
    (wife of A. keltner)
    10/27/06 @ 12:57

    Comment from: ElPerroGrandeDos ( Registered User )
    Huard hurt his groin yesterday and may not play on Sunday, finally some good news for our Swiss Cheese defense.
    10/27/06 @ 13:18

    Comment from: elgranderojo ( Registered User )
    I think Henderson defintely intended to bump Hasselbeck, I don't think he could have anticipated spraining his knee, it is definitely a possibility whenever you hit someone low in the leg that a sprain will happen. The bottom line is the hit was not necessary and just so happened to cause Hass 3.5 games or so.

    I'm sure Minnesota was excited when it happened because they probably figured they had just won the game.
    10/27/06 @ 13:22

    Comment from: RACERX615 ( Registered User )
    swiss cheese defense to go with your swiss cheese head.
    10/27/06 @ 13:52

    Comment from: klm008 ( Registered User )
    I think someone needs to 'accidentally' park a gravel truck on Henderson.
    10/27/06 @ 14:05

    Comment from: GladiatorHawk ( Registered User )
    Henderson was high fiving an asst coach, so LeshThomas, I doubt he will get chewed out by any of the viking coaches.
    10/27/06 @ 14:16

    Comment from: bjr26 ( Registered User )
    I have no idea if the hit was intentional or not. I will say, as an evidentiary matter, the fact that Henderson was "looking up field" at the time of impact only supports the argument that the hit was dirty *if* you believe the converse is also true, i.e., if Henderson was looking directly at Hass when he hit him, then he must have not intended the hit.

    Obviously, the second claim doesn't make much sense, so I wouldn't put too much stock in where Henderson was looking.
    10/27/06 @ 16:23

    Comment from: MagooGirl ( Registered User )
    woof woof....move along ElPerro....go pee on something elsewhere......
    10/27/06 @ 16:23

    Comment from: mandfense ( Registered User )
    Sorry. Laws of physics say it was an accident. Sucks for the 'Hawks, but I think Seneca will do just fine in the interim.

    That being said, I wish the league wouldn't coddle QBs so much. This is football. They wear helmets and shoulder pads like everyone else. Of course, I'm a little biased since I was a former defensive player. :-)
    10/27/06 @ 17:54

    Comment from: singersp ( Registered User )
    I have never seen so many Seahawks fans this deep into denial since last years Superbowl loss.

    The video of the play clearly shows #38 Mack Strong blocking E.J. Henderson, knocking him backwards & into Hasselbeck. Hasselbeck didn’t see it because he’s looking down field watching his pass to see if it was completed or not.

    Video doesn’t lie. Anyone that watches the replay of the injury & still claims it to be a “cheap shot” or intentional is either in denial, blind, a fool or two of the three. That pretty much sums up most of the comments posted here.
    10/28/06 @ 06:59

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    Re: E.J. Henderson blameless, NFL says

    Wow. Henderson is usually so low key. I don't blame him for being pissed off.

    No call, no fine, no issue.

    Personally, I don't think there is intelligent life on other planets. Why should other planets be any different from this one?

  5. Re: E.J. Henderson blameless, NFL says

    dellusional seachicken fans for sure. only 2 or 3 sensible posters there. theyre reasoning is totally off, and makes no sense at all. because henderson wasnt looking proves it was intentional? iv never seen comments like that before, i thought some of us here were wearing purple correction glasses with free blinders,but they seem to be wearing magical seachicken i see what i want to see super human glasses with neon green frames.

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    Re: E.J. Henderson blameless, NFL says

    Well, it's been almost a year since the same thing happened to Carson Palmer, only worse. The Ben-Gals still are upset with the Steelers over this and the press keeps playing it up as something done on purpose despite the same NFL finding as EJ just had.
    So look for the Sea Chickens to still be bitching about this a year from now and no voice of reason will ever make them think it wasn't an done on purpose.
    Kentucky Vikes Fan

    When you require nothing, you get nothing; when you expect nothing, you will find nothing; when you embrace nothing, all you will have is nothing.

  7. Re: E.J. Henderson blameless, NFL says

    I understand their fans are upset their starter is out and their back-up sucks, but they are blind if they think once someone is pushed in the air, their momentum stops and the person would fall straight down.
    At least here in MN, people would continue their path unless stopped, hasselback stoped his momentum.
    I do like the one where EJ should have know he was getting close to the QB so he should have stopped.
    this is the NFL not NBA, I HAD tons of respect for seahawks fans, but if they are really this blind, they are just a bad as packer fans
    You republican whore!

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    Re: E.J. Henderson blameless, NFL says

    Nice comment singer!

    I can't believe how Holgren's conspiracy theories and "Everyone's against me" paranoia has affected all the SeaChicken fans too.
    Sometimes injuries happen, and sometimes you lose games.
    Get over it.

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    Re: E.J. Henderson blameless, NFL says

    I think Baldy Hasselbeck did it on purpose.

    The pressure has gotten to him, and he ran out of hair to loose, so he has tured to the sympathy that comes with a painful injury.
    "Wake early if you want another man's life or land. No lamb for the lazy wolf. No battle's won in bed."
    - The Havamal

  10. Re: E.J. Henderson blameless, NFL says

    I'm surprised that no one is blaming Mack Strong.Without his push it would not have happened. Matt had to see henderson coming ... lifting his leg should not have been to hard for him being the dog that he is ;D

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