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Thread: 2nd Level?

  1. 2nd Level?

    im sure some of you have more knowledge then me in this area but this is a question i have been thinking about...let me also say that i dont have any way to record games so i can only see live stuff...

    i know our O line has been a little "rough" so far, but has anyone seen them able to get to the LBs regulary? from what ive seen its seems kinda hit an miss (mainly miss) seems like its a train wreck in the middle all the time...

    after todays game, im just left scratching my head on what the O-line's prob is so far this season...if anyone records the game and breaks them down, some info would be great...


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    Re: 2nd Level?

    they dont seem to be able to do it until about the 3rd quarter really.. i do believe they'll get it together, but if its any consolation, the 3 teams we stuck to the run against (week 1-3), were some of the best defenses in the league.

    we just didnt stick to it vs the bills

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