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    Bring in the horns! - New Song
    Bring in the horns!
    by Judd Zulgad

    We interrupt this very football-themed blog for some breaking off-the-field Vikings news. The team has a new theme song. That’s right, one day after personnel director Rick Spielman was used in a mock press conference setting to introduce the Vikings’ “Lucky Charm Fan,” the team announced that the song “Bring In The Horns,” will debut on KDWB Radio Monday morning.

    Now before anyone picks up the phone and calls the Vikings to complain about the death of “Skol Vikings,” that song also will continue to be played at the Metrodome. “Bring In the Horns,” though is, “designed to appeal to younger fans, yet includes tradition in the lyrics to appeal to the Vikings general fan base.” Yep, that’s what the release says.

    There will be a video for the tune — written by the famous Bennett brothers (no, not Michael) — and it will play in stadium leading up to the opening kickoff. You can also play it year-round if you reserve your CD copy of the song starting Sept. 14.

    Geez, I wonder if “Bring In The Horns” will compare with that catchy tune Dennis Green wrote a few years back? I still find myself humming a few bars of that classic each day.
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    Re: Bring in the horns! - New Song

    The song actually debuted at the last preseason game.
    They played it before kickoff and during halftime.
    It is alright, but it is hard to hear it over the dome's speakers.

    Also, as mentioned in an earlier thread, this is not replacing Skol Vikings.
    Skol Vikings is still the fight song and will be sund after each score.
    Bring in the Horns is the theme song.

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    will you be alowed to post the tune on here or will i need to get an import as it's not likly to make uk radio station's.


    8) crazyB that s Mr crazyB to you 8)

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