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    There hasn't been a player on the Minnesota Vikings that has opened more eyes and made a bigger impact this preseason than second-year linebacker Heath Farwell, aka "Mr. Hustle". The 24-year-old San Diego State product signed as an undrafted free agent prior to last season and has done nothing but work his tail off. His hard work is beginning to pay off.

    Last season, mostly as a special teams player, Farwell played in seven games and recorded six tackles. Heading into this offseason the Vikings brought in a new coaching staff. The young linebacker knew it was a fresh start and a chance to show the coaches what he could do. However, even Farwell would probably admit that he wasn't expecting to make as big of an impact as he has to this point.

    Farwell bought into the proverbial program defensive coordinator Mike Tomlin is selling, and became "Mr. Hustle." In three preseason games he has done everything that Tomlin has been preaching - working hard non-stop, never giving up on a play, always giving his all, and making the routine plays look easy. At one point thought as just a special teams player, a season-ending knee injury to first-round pick Chad Greenway in the first preseason game opened the door for extended playing time, and Farwell has taken advantage of it, showing the Vikings and the rest of the league that he can, in fact, play in the NFL, and play well.

    All preseason the weakside linebacker has been flying all over the field, gobbling up opposing ball carriers. In just three exhibition contests Farwell has already racked up an amazing 22 tackles, 21 of which are of the solo variety.

    In his first preseason action against the Oakland Raiders on Aug. 14, he led everyone with nine tackles. Farwell followed up his strong showing with four tackles against the Steelers, and again led everyone in tackles, with nine total, against the Ravens this past Friday.

    When asked about the young linebacker, Tomlin responded, "His production is generated by sheer hustle. As much as we talk about playing hard in this defense and creating a frenzy, he's been kind of the off-season poster child for that."

    While he will still play on special teams, Farwell could find himself in the midst of the defense spelling starter E.J. Henderson during games.

    One thing is for sure...when the final cuts are announced, Farwell won't be hearing farewell from teammates.

    "He's got a great motor," Tomlin added.

    That motor is running hot so far.

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    i personally have like him lots. he seems to light it up with the second and third team.

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    I was thinking about starting a thread about this! I agree, vikes. Heath has definately impressed me. He is consistently making plays and he flies to the ball. He will be a big contributor on ST and may be starting in a few yrs. I like his up-side A LOT!

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    man, watching these first three games and the chiefs practice here in kato i've always had my eye on farwell, i've noticed him consecutively making plays, however, i didnt realise he's made 21 solo tackles

    thats impressive for anyone.

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    Re: Heath Farwell

    Yeah, Farwell is a stud. He was in on almost every play in the games I watched. He has a motor that won't stop & is a throwback to the LB's of yester-year (is that a word?) Anywho, I like him & will be cheering him on

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    i wonder if he will eventually spell one of our starting linebackers. i know im pulling for him.

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    Sometime things just click for some players u hear it all the time, I hope he is one of those studs...About time we someone who exceed their expectation by far...
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    Re: Heath Farwell

    I like watching this guy too, hope he continues to tear up the field.

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    every time i watch him i just think total beast. hopefully he continues to tear it up in the regular season!
    woo out
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    It is great seeing somebody that was just trying to make the roster playing so well, and I hope that he continues to impress and that he is on the Vikes for a long time.

    I also want to give props to EJ Henderson as he is playing the best I have ever seen him play and hope that he can be the difference maker for the LBers this season.
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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