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  1. K Cambell Underrated?

    What do u guys think? In my opinion KCambell is probaby the most underrated Wide Reciever in the NFL along with Jerry Porter. I think even without Moss he would be producing what he is.



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  2. K Cambell Underrated?

    I dont know about underrated, but definitely underestimated. Thats why he averaged the most yards per catch last year, and burned Ds. I guess you could say that is being underrated..

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  3. K Cambell Underrated?

    Campbell is an underrated reciever. The most underrated in the NFL? I'm not sure about that, also I don't think he could be as effective without Moss at his side. He is still young and extremely quick, let's see how he progresses this year.

    On a different subject, What's up with your Raider logo TZone. Are you a fan of both, if so who's your favorite?

  4. K Cambell Underrated?

    He needs a nick name. Kelly "Touch Down" Campbell.
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  5. K Cambell Underrated?

    "All Kelly seems to do is catch TD's", did i just say that?
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  6. K Cambell Underrated?

    Kelly is great to throw in the game and just go deep. I am not sure if he is well-rounded enough to ever be a #2 WR, and that is why he is underrated. Still he fills a role, and fills it well. It is nice to have that depth of talent at WR for a change.

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  7. K Cambell Underrated?

    KC is one quick mofo, a talent that is being wasted as a 1 to 2 play a game guy. I think Tice should use him more in any position possible where speed rules over braun, ie: punt returner, kick returner, or long shot, being as fast as he is, convert to DB?? I dunno, but he needs to be in game regardless of Tice's worry that he'll wear down because of being too small.

    :cheers: KC :cheers:

  8. K Cambell Underrated?

    I've been telling people this since the beginning of last season. Kelly Campbell is damn good. He is waaaay underrated. He's got great hands and he is damn fast too. I'm impressed by what he does almost every game.

  9. K Cambell Underrated?

    i think he is used perfectly.. perhaps a few more plays a game, but he is best when he catches the 70 yd td out of no where and teams are thinkin what the hell just happened

  10. K Cambell Underrated?

    I love Kelly Campbell, and I think we play him perfectly... if we played him as an every down WR he would end up getting hurt... beautiful catch he made sunday!

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