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    Vikings confident in their other receivers

    Posted on Thu, Aug. 17, 2006
    Pioneer Press

    MANKATO, Minn. — Vikings players had little comment Wednesday on the DWI
    arrest of No. 1 wide receiver Koren Robinson, expressing support for
    their teammate and confidence in the other receivers on the roster.

    Coach Brad Childress indicated the team would bring in receivers for
    tryouts with Robinson out, but he added, "There's not a rush to replace
    him or anything like that."

    Unless the Vikings are willing to swing a trade for a disgruntled
    wideout such as Denver's Ashley Lelie, Oakland's Jerry Porter or New
    England's Deion Branch, whomever they sign probably won't be coming in
    as a starter.

    Among the available free agents are Az-Zahir Hakim, Kevin Johnson, Nate
    Poole, Chris Doering and Freddie Mitchell.

    Quarterback Brad Johnson said he would wait until today's scheduled
    media session to discuss the Robinson situation but said he feels
    comfortable with Troy Williamson and Travis Taylor as the starting

    "(As) I've talked about from the get-go, I feel confident with the guys
    we have," Johnson said. "Obviously, I've played with the four we had
    last year. With Troy, Marcus (Robinson) and Travis, we've had a lot of
    practice time, had a lot of playing time last year and this year. I do
    feel comfortable with those guys going in."

    With Koren Robinson facing a possible one-year NFL suspension, Taylor
    moves into the starting lineup at the No. 2 receiver spot, with
    Williamson moving up to de facto No. 1.

    Off what Taylor has seen during training camp, last year's No. 1 draft
    choice is up to the challenge.

    "Troy has shown great improvement from last year," Taylor said. "He has
    learned the game. He's picking things up a lot faster. You know he can
    run, so he has been working on other aspects of his game — adjusting to
    the ball in the air. This year, you can see he's timing his jumps and
    using his body and his feet at the same time. He can play."

    Williamson said he's ready for whatever the Vikings throw at him.

    "However coach wants to use me, I'm willing to go with it," he said. "I
    just have to keep doing what I'm doing and continue to keep making plays
    as a receiver."

    As for any added pressure he might be feeling, Williamson said: "We have
    responsibility as a whole. That's how I look at it. We're all going to
    work together in this."

    Robinson's arrest is the first such incident on Childress' watch, and
    some players said it was disappointing to have to deal with yet another
    off-the-field distraction, especially with the team scheduled to break
    training camp Friday after today's final practices.

    "You always have to expect something every year," Johnson said. "No
    matter what team, what year you play, something happens to every team.
    You have to deal with it and move on as best you can."

    Add in linebacker Chad Greenway's season-ending knee injury, and the
    Vikings are dealing with a potentially damaging 1-2 punch. But
    cornerback Fred Smoot said it's up to the team's veteran leaders to keep
    things together.

    "In a season, things like this happen," he said. "You lose guys by
    injury or a lot of other different ways. Somebody's just got to step up.
    Somebody's got to shock the world. Somebody that you probably never
    heard of."

    Safety Darren Sharper and cornerback Antoine Winfield, like the majority
    of players, said they will decline comment on Robinson's arrest until
    all the facts of the case are in.

    "That happens," Winfield said. "We're all adults. You have to be
    responsible for your actions. What he did, he did. It's over with."
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    Re: Vikings confident in their other receivers

    get Az Hakim..he is surely an above average kick returner, and a great slot receiver..i still just dont understand why we wont deal a 1st or 2nd rounder for Lelie or Porter
    People who see life as anything more than pure entertainment are missing the point.

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    Re: Vikings confident in their other receivers

    I might just end my life if we get freddie mitchell...
    We're bringing purple back.

  4. Re: Vikings confident in their other receivers

    its really too bad we lost Burleson... Im hopeful that Taylor, Williamson and Marcus Robinson can do well this year but i sure feel like we can use some help at WR now.

  5. Re: Vikings confident in their other receivers

    "gregair13" wrote:
    I might just end my life if we get freddie mitchell...
    I think I just might do the same.
    The best part of my day is when I get down on my knees, with my head in my hands, and thank GOD for everything he has given me.

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    Re: Vikings confident in their other receivers

    go with hakim.
    he can at least return kicks for us if nothing else.
    he's got some talent, just not #1 talent

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    Re: Vikings confident in their other receivers

    4 words. Dont. Get. Freddie. Mitchell! But i wouldnt mind us getting Hakim or Kevin Johnson and see what they can do.

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