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    Jaguars deep at RB

    Inside Slant
    USA Today
    Posted 8/8/2006 1:52 AM

    The Jaguars are deep at running back.
    Coach Jack Del Rio says it's the deepest position on the team.

    Maurice Drew, their second round pick, has joined a group that includes Fred Taylor, Greg Jones, Derrick Wimbush, Alvin Pearman and LaBrandon Toefield.

    Unless one of them is injured — and they're all healthy right now — one of them is likely to be headed out of town.

    The conventional wisdom is that one of the youngsters — Wimbush, Pearman or Toefield — will be on the chopping block.

    But the possibility has to be raised that the Jaguars could cut Taylor if the young players emerge.

    The key to Taylor's future may be Greg Jones.

    He suffered a serious knee injury in his junior year in college and appeared to lose the burst that made him a projected first round choice before he suffered the injury.

    In his final year in college and his first two years with the Jaguars, he wasn't the player he was before he was injured.

    The Jaguars turned him into a fullback and a short yardage runner.

    But as he heads into his fourth season since he suffered the injury, he's been getting rave reviews by coach Jack Del Rio. Del Rio was particularly impressed with him in the team scrimmage. He averaged almost five yards a carry with 19 yards in four carries.

    "I think his feet are as alive and active as they have been since he's been here. He was outstanding (in the scrimmage). He made some terrific cuts. He ran with power and determination," he said.

    Del Rio said it's fair to suggest that his running ability is improving because it's been four years since the surgery.

    If he can replace Taylor as an every down back and Drew shows he can add explosive threat, the Jaguars might decide they don't need Taylor.

    The relationship between Taylor and Del Rio went downhill when Taylor, who wanted a new contract, skipped the team's offseason program.

    Then he suffered a mild hamstring pull in the conditioning run before camp. He saw limited duty the first week although he did go in the scrimmage and got nine yards in three carries.

    But the Taylor situation bears close watching. It could be that Taylor will have such a good preseason that the Jaguars decide they can't let him go.

    There's no doubt, though, that he's fighting for a job...

  2. Re: Jaguars deep at RB

    What's up with this writer?

    It seems that every other point or sentence he makes, he has to start a new paragraph.

    I agree with his assesment of the Jags RB situation, but the writing style is still very odd.

    Is that why you posted it Prophet?
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  3. Re: Jaguars deep at RB

    Now if they only had a WR.
    I am a dipshit!!!

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    Prophet Guest

    Re: Jaguars deep at RB

    Odd writing style. I guess he thinks sentences and paragraphs are synonymous. No, just thought it was interesting that they had a pile of RBs and Taylor could hit the wire.

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    Re: Jaguars deep at RB

    Don't forget that the Jag's have Tice as the assistant offensive overseer or what that fake title they created for him, he could have such dissension on the team by the start of the regular season who knows what players will be in the dog house or how the team will do with him there poison the system.
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    Re: Jaguars deep at RB

    "Prophet" wrote:
    Odd writing style. I guess he thinks sentences and paragraphs are synonymous. No, just thought it was interesting that they had a pile of RBs and Taylor could hit the wire.
    I wonder who would pick him up if he was let go. I can't really think of a team that would want to put too much into him. If anything he would probably be a back-up or a short term fix. I think he can still contribute somewhere though.

    Greg Jones is a beast though. I wouldn't mind watching him start on Sundays and run over opposing defenses.
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    Re: Jaguars deep at RB

    The Jets are keeping a close eye on the situation. I've never been a big Taylor fan. They do have some nice backs though, Toefield could be a nice RB for someone.

  8. Re: Jaguars deep at RB

    jags are most underrated team in the nfl.. anybody who thinks different, well.. maybe they are thinking right. but jags were overshadowed by the colts, no arguement there
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