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    Kluwe Kicks

    Second-year punter Chris Kluwe is in camp early and he looks great kicking the ball after undergoing off-season surgery on his knee.

    "It feels 100%, if feels really good," Kluwe said after the morning practice session. "We're monitoring how many kicks per day right now, to make sure I don't come out and get into it too fast. But everything feels great."
    Man this is really good news. I love Kluwe.


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    Re: Kluwe

    Best news I can hear. I'd love to see him be as good as he was before he got hurt last year. A beast of a punter with a good, long future in front of him.
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    I love it. The fact that a punter is working hard off an injury because he knows he could possibly lose his job if he doesn't is great. If Childress gets this type of reaction out of a punter I can only imagine the rest of the team.

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    Re: Kluwe

    It's good to see Kluwe back, he was one of the few high points during those opening 6 games last season..

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    Re: Kluwe

    Yeah Kluwe is an awesome punter! I thought he was going to the pro-bowl as a rookie.

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    KLUWE! KLUWE! KLUWE! :wav:

    (Man, you know it's been a loooong offseason when you get fired up about the punter!)

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    That's great news, hopefully everything has healed right.

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    sounds good, good kicking is a cornerstone to a great team, with kluwe and longwell we're good in that dept

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    Re: Kluwe

    Yeah, man. Now we just need to figure out who's going to return kicks (K-Rob is no. 1 now, and Childress could be iffy about risking him on kickoffs), and punts (Mewelde will most likely retain this position, as long as he doesn't stub his toe or get a headache...), then out special teams should shape up pretty well.
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    Re: Kluwe

    yea i read in today's paper that kluwe was one of few veterans that showed up on the only rookie mandatory day, i was glad to hear he was there & kicking =)

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