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    How big is your family?

    I have 10 brothers and sisters, 42 nieces and nephews (counting great nieces and nephews), and dozens of cousins. I also have 6 aunts and uncles. Here is a link to the big picture of my WHOLE family at our recent family reunion in northern Minnesota (does NOT include those that could not make it, which I would guess to be 20-30, but it could be more):

    Shockman Family

    How big is YOUR family?

    (Can anyone find me in the picture?)
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    Re: How big is your family?

    Extended family: On my dad's side there are 9 kids (although my uncle died so now 8) and my mom comes from a family of 5 kids. On my dad's side I have 11 cousins and on my mom's side including their husbands I have about 30 cousins and then they all have kids so I've got the second cousins and what not.

    In my immediate family it's just me, and my younger sister and brother. I'm 23, my sister is 22, and my brother is 19.

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    Re: How big is your family?

    That my friend is an insane amount of people. wow, haha. Do you remember everybodies names? I know I wouldn't. My family is not even close to that. It's me, my mom, two brothers. Than I have 8 aunts and uncles, about 15 cousins, and then 2 grandmas and 2 grandpas.

  4. Re: How big is your family?

    Yes I see ya Shock.. You are in the middle witha blue shirt on.. Both my mom and dad are the only kids in their family.. I have no uncles, aunts, or cousins.. Currently it is my mom, dad, 2 older brothers, and myself.. That is it, 5 family members.. Well unless you count our children now.. I have 1 daughter, my oldest brother has 1 son, and my next oldest brother has 1 girl, and 1 boy..

    My fiance's family is huge though.. I would have to say her family reunions make Shock's look small.. No kidding, her mom comes from a family of 13 brothers and sisters, and oh so many cousins.. No I don't know all their names, that is why we wear name tags at the family reunions..

  5. Re: How big is your family?

    Wow you guys have huge families. I have my parents, one brother, two aunts, one uncle, and 2 cousins... then 1 grandparent.

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    Re: How big is your family?

    I was deprived! I was an only child! My mother only had a sister, my father had 3 brothers and 1 sister. Where I found 432 cousins is in Norway on my Grandfathers side! Lucky me! Do your family tree, you may be surprized!

    Part of my Norway family...

    I'm still looking for cousins in the Dakota's and Canada decended from Paul Fjeldstad and Kornelia Fjeldstad. Anyone have these people in their family?
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    Re: How big is your family?

    First off: how is everyone doin' today?!

    My family:
    It's me, two brothers, 3 sisters ('cause my oldest passed away last year), my mom, dad, five nephews, eight nieces; possibly another nephew/niece on the way, as well as a great niece/nephew!
    Let's see, that totals out to (excluding the two possibles) 21 folks in my family. Not to mention a host of aunts/uncles/cousins (1st, 2nd, etc), as well as two grandmas still living.
    p.s. Nice pic of family, Shock! Appears very loving!
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    Re: How big is your family?

    My Dad is the youngest of 17 children, my Mom is the oldest of 4 children. I have too many cousins to count. I have two younger sisters and three children ranging in age from 6-12. Great family.

  9. Re: How big is your family?

    I'm the oldest of 2 kids. I'm 27 my brother is 21
    My dad has 2 brothers and a sister
    my has 1 brother, and a sister who died in college in 1966.

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    Re: How big is your family?

    well.... on my mom's side its the traditional german/catholic family, my mom is 1 of 8, so i have a lot of aunts/uncles, dozens of cousins

    on my dad's side, its less traditional

    i have 2 half brothers under one women, a half sister & brother under another, and another half brother under another, sooooooo i have an extremely extended family on that side

    along with my new nephew and 2 soon to be second-cousins -.-

    it jsut keeps growing

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