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  1. How Many Jerseys Do You Own?

    In general, I have found myself to be a cheap bastage. However, over the past few years I find that I cannot not acquire at least one Vikings jersey each season. I thought I was going to be ok this year and happily wear my Matt Birk jersey. Then they changed the uniform design, and that was the end of that.

    I'm wondering if you guys too find yourself acquiring more jerseys than you'd intended? For posterity, I'll list the ones I have hanging in my closet. All mine are replicas because, again, I'm a cheap bastage. If you've got an authentic one, more power to you.

    * Chris Hovan #99 (home)
    Daunte Culpeppper #11 (home)
    Randy Moss #84 (home)
    Randy Moss #84 (away)
    Jim Kleinsasser #40 (home)
    Matt Birk #78 (home)
    Kevin Williams #93 (home) NEW DESIGN

    * If anyone knows of a place I can send this jersey where they'll take off the Hovan and put James instead, let me know.

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    Re: How Many Jerseys Do You Own?


    The Cajunvike #1 jersey (old style - READ: "throwback")

    I refuse to buy the new design since I just ordered my jersey LAST YEAR...the one that I have now will have to suffice in showing my dedication to my team...Wilf can make his money elsewhere!

  3. Re: How Many Jerseys Do You Own?

    I tried to resist, but I was weak :-(

  4. Re: How Many Jerseys Do You Own?

    Just bought my first one this year... KRob (away). I liked the away jerseys so much this year I had to buy one. Hopefully he stays sober and puts up some numbers this year.

  5. Re: How Many Jerseys Do You Own?

    I have two moss home and away, a Cris Carter home, and a daunte home. I am in the process of ordering customized jerseys for my girlfriend and I, I am not sure if i want a home or away yet. I like the away jerseys alittle more, but with the tailgaiting the away jerseys get dirty real fast.
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  6. Re: How Many Jerseys Do You Own?

    Replicas . . . CC Home, AC Home. Since I've gotten plumper as life goes on, nither fit anylonger and are on the wall. My son has an AC Home that he'll outgrow soon which will also head to the wall when outgrowen. Probibly will get a Sharper Home Replica this year. I've been collecting different Viks hats over the past few years.

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    Re: How Many Jerseys Do You Own?

    I have a Moss, Burleson and a new Darren Sharper!

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  8. Re: How Many Jerseys Do You Own?

    Black Moss Jersey
    2 Home Moss Jerseys
    Home Cunningham Jersey
    Yellow Culpepper Jersey
    Home Culpepper Jersey
    Home Kleinsasser Jersey
    Home Sharper Jersey

    other jerseys
    2 Home Rodman jerseys
    Home MJ Jersey
    Home Kobe Jersey
    Home Cassel Jersey

  9. Re: How Many Jerseys Do You Own?

    1 authentic, 5 repilca

    1- Cris Carter
    1- John Randle
    1- Cullpepper -away
    1- Jimmy K
    1- Moss

    1- Authentic autographed Moss

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    Re: How Many Jerseys Do You Own?

    the last ones decent :wink:

    im cheap =( right now all i have is an oldstyle home winfield jersey - it was on sale ones the new ones came out

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