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    Vikings Ranked 23rd, from

    Until today I thought to be the Senior Analyst for took exceptional football knowledge, intelligence, but I thought wrong.
    and this article by Gil Brandt completely proved it. He ranks the Vikings 23rd in the league, just ahead of the SAINTS, the Bills and the Raiders. He gives totally vague reasons why the Vikings are ranked 23rd, simple things that any football fan would know, he points out all of our positives, but gives no reason why he ranks us among the league's worst.

    ... 23. Minnesota

    The Vikings have a new head coach in Brad Childress and new defensive coordinator Mike Tomlin, who will run the Cover 2 system he used at Tampa Bay. The West Coast offense is a better fit for QB Brad Johnson, who played well last year. The defense was ranked 21st overall and had 24 interceptions. Minnesota signed Ryan Longwell, a good and reliable placekicker and running back Chester Taylor, Koren Robinson and Mewelde Moore are good return men. The team will open on Monday, Sept. 11, against Washington and will play Seattle and Miami on the road. First-round draft choice Chad Greenway is a very good player and will help the new defensive scheme with his play. ...

    I just think this is completely ridiculous, and the NFL, and the media really have something against the Vikings, I thought by shipping out Culpepper, and Moss we improved our image, but apparently the media respects us even less, with those two players, they put us at the top of the list, last year many analysts even predicted a Superbowl run, and now that one player is gone, and the team IMO has clearly improved, we get ranked 23rd? I just don't understand where Brandt is coming from with this article, and why he gives no reason to rank us so poorly.

    However, I kind of like that he puts us down there on the list. We've been praised in past years before the season started, but then flopped at the midpoint, or earlier, but now I think our players might feel they have something to prove, and play with a chip on their shoulder and fire in their eyes. Skol Vikes, and I raise my glass(of water) to proving people wrong!

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    Re: Vikings Ranked 23rd, from


    shove it brant!

    Go vikes!!

  3. Re: Vikings Ranked 23rd, from

    Whatever. He didn't even give reasons. I like being the underdog anyways come time for the season.

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    Re: Vikings Ranked 23rd, from

    Rankings mean absolutely nothing (especially this time of year). Look at previous rankings then look to see how many were correct by the end of the year. The bottom line is people go by gut instinct right now. They are looking at what we did last year and the fact there is a lot of questions.

    Looking at the team as a Viking fan, I would say we have upgraded the team as a whole. In the same breat we are downgraded in certain areas. If you look at why we were ranked so high last year is because everyone expected a repeat performance from the 2004 Pep. Now we have a 38 year old QB that not a lot of people give enough respect to. Regardless of what people are saying, BJs management of the clock will be very key this year. Everyone says our defense will win us games. Look at the entire picture. If your offense can manage the clock it keeps the defense fresh. Why do you think our defense sucked for so many years? Part of it was coaching and the defensive schemes and part of it was being on the field longer than they should have been. Yes it's nice to get those quick TDs and move the ball down the field but it's not good for the defense. It wears them out.

  5. Re: Vikings Ranked 23rd, from

    That is good.. Now the Vikes will do even better proving all these so called sports writers wrong..

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    Re: Vikings Ranked 23rd, from

    where were the packers placed in the rankings? Top 5?
    BonoSugaRay IS Betamethasone Dunkin

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    Re: Vikings Ranked 23rd, from

    good..keep making us the underdogs..give the vikings more and more to prove to all of the "experts"..this is an awful article because it gives absolutely no reason as to why he has ranked teams in those places
    People who see life as anything more than pure entertainment are missing the point.

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    Re: Vikings Ranked 23rd, from

    lol, #22, one spot above us

    "We’ll win our own Super Bowl, with our own players. Real Vikings. Something Brett Favre can never be."

    - Dan Calabrese

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    Re: Vikings Ranked 23rd, from

    "Vikes_King" wrote:
    lol, #22, one spot above us
    how the packers get placed ahead of us is absolutely disgraceful on this writers part
    People who see life as anything more than pure entertainment are missing the point.

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    Re: Vikings Ranked 23rd, from

    22nd? YIKES! What's up with that? Green and Gold not good enough for an "above sea level" spot? What a joke!
    BonoSugaRay IS Betamethasone Dunkin

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