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    I use ebay to buy and sell all the time and never had any problems that weren't resovled right away. I bought a 50K vehicle on ebay and had no problems. of course, i went in preson and picked up the vehicle before I paid for it.

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    I have used Ebay for two years and have really enjoyed doing it. There is more variety that any other online seller. The thing you have to be careful of is phishing(sp). This is a new term that describes the process where you receive emails asking for you to verify your account information. If you click on the links in the email, it will take you to a non-Ebay site where you will give all of your information to someone who will rob you. NEVER answer these emails. Always edit your account info in the web site only. If you receive any emails like the one mentioned above, go to Ebay and sign it. You will find out that your account is OK and if they needed you to verify something, they will ask you once you have logged in. Once you have established the Ebay account, ensure you read all of the security info they have posted on the web site. Have Fun

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    You usually can figure out what kind of person you're dealing with by the feedbacks that are left on them...
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    "cc21" wrote:
    I have never used ebay before but I am thinking about starting to buy and sell on it. Who else here uses it and is it easy to use and catch on to? Also would I need to get a paypal account to use it? I have never used paypal before so I don't really know how that works either.
    I have bought & sold well over 1,000 items on eBay. PayPal is not necessary, but I'd highly recommend it.

    It's linked to your bank account or credit card for funds. While there is no fee to you to pay someone via PayPal, if you are the recepient the fee is typically 2.9% + $0.30.

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    I love ebay, and I have never had a bad experience on there. Definitley get a paypal account though, it's really easy to sign up for and much easier then entering in your credit card info every time. I actually met Singer for the first time on ebay when I bought Vikings tickets from him. He hadn't even joined purplepride yet, but sure enough a few days after I bought from him he was on purplepride.

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    I've used ebay several times for loads of different things and have had only 2 problems in the past 5 years and paypal does make it much easier.

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    its really easy to work with. but remember one thing. there are alot of scammers on ebay. if you are buying something, try to buy from someone who is a power seller. they wont $hit you out of your money. i dont care how safe paypal is, there are still ways around it where scammers still scam

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    I've only bought one thing from ebay, and I didn't have any problems with it.

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    ebay rocks, they're condoms never break, and they're dirt cheap

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    Ebay has kept me in the technology even being in a almost 3rd world area.
    as tech goes...

    I sell and buy for the last say 5 years. and it's always gone smooth. Had 2 bad purchases that were quickly fixed 1 by ebay and 1 by a seller.

    just remember these things.

    1. Always check a seller's ratings..
    2. Always make sure you understand the shipping cost!!! and destinations
    3. After you verify your mail address and paypal account. buying is a snap.. it's all set up for you.


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