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Thread: Koren in Rehab

  1. Re: Koren in Rehab

    To me, this is more of a good sign than a sign for alarm... the article says that "Keels stressed that Robinson's decision to resume treatment was voluntary and not the result of any violation of the league's substance abuse policy or specific recurrence of the problems that plagued his career with the Seattle Seahawks"; so this is either Koren wanting to keep up with his rehab, or he slipped up in a small way and realized he made a mistake and wants to keep himself straight. At least, I hope that's all it is..
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    Re: Koren in Rehab

    I'm glad he went in and sought the help he needed without much or any prodding. At least it means he is guarding himself against his old habits and still wants to kick his addiction for good. I hope everything works out for him.

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    at least hes recognizing the problem. thats the first step in defeating it once and for all
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    as long as he went in their by himself and wasn't forced by the league, then i am not too worried about him!! He is probably getting jitters for being married soon!!

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    no offense to anyone but how in the hell do you get addicted to alchohol?

    I dont' know about you guys but everytime I drink, i feel like crap and hangover for the next 24 hours. Than, I tell myself that I am never drinking and sure enough I drink again the following weekend.

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    Lets hope this is just a safety precaution, and not him converting back to his old ways..

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    Re: Koren in Rehab

    idk, if he's dippin back into his old ways, this wont turn out well for us losing burleson & k-rob

    let's hope its just him continuing to fight the good fight and nothing more

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    Whatever the reason for him re-entering rehab, I wish him the best. I'm sure it's a very long hard road being an alcoholic in recovery.
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    Ok so what does this mean for the Vikings? Will he still be playing this season??

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    Re: Koren in Rehab

    will have to wait and find otu

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