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Thread: Koren in Rehab

  1. Koren in Rehab


    Vikings receiver Koren Robinson is back in alcohol rehab, according to his agent, Alvin Keels. Keels tells that Robinson re-entered treatment in late June. Robinson is scheduled to be married on July 22.

    Keels stressed that Robinson's decision to resume treatment was voluntary and not the result of any violation of the league's substance abuse policy or specific recurrence of the problems that plagued his career with the Seattle Seahawks. Keels said that Robinson can leave the program at any time.

    Keels' comments were made in response to information we received from a league source indicating that Robinson was indeed back in rehab. (Operating uncharacteristically like "real" journalists, we called Keels for confirmation -- and got it.)

    In 2005, Robinson spent 30 days in a South Carolina treatment center after being cut by the Seahawks. He eventually signed with the Vikings, and made the Pro Bowl as a kick returner. The Vikings signed him to a three-year deal during the offseason, but we've heard that the deal was structured to protect the team against any bad behavior.

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    Re: Koren in Rehab

    I guess the thought of getting married drove him to drinking again. Hopefully he gets through this ok.

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    Re: Koren in Rehab

    This is scary news. The fact that he is going in voluntarily is a good thing.

    We shouldn't jump to conclusions though. I have never dealt with alcohol addiction before, so I don' tknow if this is normal or not. This could simply be the case of someone feeling the old temptations again, and wanting to go infor extra counseling.

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    Re: Koren in Rehab

    I think it's a good sign he volunteered himself to go in - and that he's taking care of himself.
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    This is scary. So does this mean that he picked up the bottle again? I just bought his jersey at the unveiling!

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    i dont think of this as a bad sign.

    i think of it as a continuing trend of koren acting like a man.

    seriously, what a stud. he probably just needs help again fighting the urge.
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  7. Re: Koren in Rehab

    "happy camper" wrote:
    i dont think of this as a bad sign.

    i think of it as a continuing trend of koren acting like a man.

    seriously, what a stud. he probably just needs help again fighting the urge.
    I sure hope your correct. I can't help but feel a little uneasy about it though. :sad: It would have nice if he could of kicked the habit the first time through. I'm sure its a very difficult addiction to kill.

  8. Re: Koren in Rehab

    I think its a good sign. Hes turned his life around and when he took that call from Tice last year...maybe he wasnt done...and as a man...he wants to finish it all the way. Just my opinion.

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  9. Re: Koren in Rehab

    Maybe changing his number back to 81 was a bad idea.

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    Re: Koren in Rehab

    Good luck Koren! I'm sure it tough but stick with it!

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