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  1. what will happen to our running backs?

    i like having all these guys in the backfield and right now looks like we need it. but it isn't gonna be this way forever. used to be before free agency you could do this kind of thing but not anymore. here is what i think will happen.

    michael bennett will remain the starter and get most yards and carries as long as he stays healthy. moe williams is just awesome but his time is almost over. mewelde will become the next moe williams getting goal line and 3rd down carries.

    larry ned is a great player and on most teams would probably be a good #3 or even #2 back if he got the chance but because we have so many good backs he hasn't. but he will stick around for depth purposes.

    onterrio smith is a moron. i really hate this guy right now. we need him as a reliable #2 back with bennett still injury prone but instead the guy goes out and blows it with this stupid drug suspension. i don't know how long bennett will be out for but if he sits out the first couple of games, smith could have proven himself against two very good defenses which he did not face last year. but not now. if bennett gets hurt again we will need onterrio. but if bennett stays healthy for the next couple years, i say we let smith go at the end of his rookie contract. i don't care what he can do on the field. the guy has no discipline. i really hope he proves me wrong.

    but somebody in this backfield will be gone in the near future and i think it will be and should be onterrio smith UNLESS he changes his ways and proves himself able to carry the full load in bennetts absence.
    Les Steckel, More Bud

  2. what will happen to our running backs?

    im sick of Bennets inconsistency, our for 3 games maybe?? are you kidding, trade him and draft a RB next year, i have no patience for him any more or Onterio, Moe is the best we got and he should be rewarded
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  3. what will happen to our running backs?

    trade bennett just because he gets way. remember robert smith was always injured but we still got lots of good games out of him. keep bennett, trade onterrio. he still has not proven himself and even though he could have had the chance he blew it.
    Les Steckel, More Bud

  4. what will happen to our running backs?

    umm, looking back to last year, i think we were 6-1 without the services of bennett. when he came back for that game against the pack, we ended up losing and went on a 3-6 downhill stumble.

    do we really need bennett's "homerun capability"? the patriots won it 2 times in the past 3 years with a guy by the name of antwoine smith. the bucs won it with mike alstott [a fullback] leading the way.

    i think running games are overrated, personally. i bet teams can get by just fine with 3 decent backs who gain about 300-500 yards each instead of having a marquee back.

  5. what will happen to our running backs?

    that losing streak had absolutely nothing to do with bennett coming back.

    moe did his job for us but you could tell the running game was lacking with bennett out. it took both williams and smith to even come close to getting bennett's production.

    can't compare us to the pats they have a very different offense from ours. we rely much more on the running game than they do.
    Les Steckel, More Bud

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    what will happen to our running backs?

    Man u guys are harsh on onterrio the guy made a freakin mistake we are all human i bet it won't happen again. I stand to defend him, he smoked some bud yeah hes a pro but damn its not like the third time he did it if he does it again we know he has a problem but jease this was his first problem since bein on the team. We cant just judge the guy because he smoked some bud he didnt kill anybody. I bet some of u guys were saying this same shit when moss had his issues but now u love him cause he hasnt had any problems lately. Thats the thing with some fans when a player is in a slump, they go to the second option. Last year when culpepper was injured and had a little slump it was a huge deal but now he looks better than ever and i dont hear anything.

    MaineViking i bet if u knew him personaly u wouldnt be saying this stuff about him. I bet u would be all over his bandwagon if he rushed for 1,600 yards this season. I like onterrio and i dont think he will make this same mistake twice.

    By the way lets not even think about trading anybody, and worry about that stuff next year, for now they are gonna be on the team for the whole year.

  7. what will happen to our running backs?

    It is the third time for Smith that is why he got suspended
    can we clone Bud Grant?

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    what will happen to our running backs?

    He failed 3 drug tests with the Vikings, and fell in the draft because he had Marijuana problems in college. I hope he's enjoying himself because his stupidity is eventually going to cost him millions of dollars. Look at the millions Ricky Williams has thrown away. I just don't get it. All this for a drug that's not even addictive. There's no excuse.

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  9. what will happen to our running backs?

    I have to agree with Dart18, Bennet really needs to go, all he knows what to do as of lately is get injured. And to be honest he's not that great. OMG but he's fast. Plllleeasse, he gets hit by one guy and he crumples like a wet noodle. Im tired of him, and tired of splitting time between 3 different backs. Ditch his ass for some decent draft picks and get a RB, or maybe look to Buffalo, they have 2 better RB's far better then bennet imho.

  10. what will happen to our running backs?

    This one is tough. We will definitely have to get rid of either bennett or onterrio at the end of this year, since they will both be in their last year of their contract and because both wanna be starters. I don't trust bennett to stay healthy at all, but I also don't trust onterrio to stay out of trouble. What do you do, when you can't trust either guy for different reasons?

    Before onterrio got suspended, i would have said definitely get rid of bennett, but now it is hard to say. I still would lean towards keeping onterrio. He is clearly more of a complete RB and will be more durable. Tice would then need to sit down with him and say hey, we are going with you as our #1 guy, so you need to act like a professional and stay out of trouble.

    These bennett injuries are really starting to get irritating!

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