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  1. Success at the next level

    Does anyone here know what percentage of players taken in the draft actually "make it" in the NFL long enough to qualify to the retirement package? Also, does anyone know what percentage of total players on team rosters retire each season.

    Any links to an official source detailing the requirements, benefits, and retirement rate of the NFL would be useful.
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    Re: Success at the next level should have those stats.

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    i dont know

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    Re: Success at the next level

    "MightyVikes12391" wrote:
    i dont know
    Why even post that?

    They were asking if anybody knew. :???:

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    Re: Success at the next level

    Here's a partial answer to your question:
    A study of the drafts the past four decades discovered that since 1967, 47 percent of the Pro Football Hall of Famers were drafted in the top 10 and all but nine of 51 inductees were taken in the top 50 picks. Only three of those were selected at No. 125 or later -- Ken Houston at 214 in 1967, Mike Webster at 125 in '74 and Rayfield Wright at 182 in '67.

    "When you say 47 percent out of the first 10 picks made the Hall of Fame, that's a high percentage," Brandt said.

    Also, of 1,280 players that were selected in the past five drafts and of those, 302 have been regular starters, or 23.6 percent.
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