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    Re: a ok

    Welcome ... Post early, Post often ... JUST POST !!!

    Hope you enjoy and look forward to seeing ya on the boards ...

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    "drunk_viks_fan52" wrote:
    The first thing that i would like to coment on is webby and the other mods such as ultra and some of the others. They have done an amazing job keeping this site the best place for vikings fans to share their opinions and coments.
    Ultra, this must be a relatives of yours. :razz:

    drunk_viks_fan52, nice first post. :grin:


  3. Re: a ok

    Welcome to PP.O fellow Viking brother.. Hope you enjoy your stay here. Post often, and we will see you in the forums..

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    :grin: nice to have you here have fun posting.

    finnaly i have got a sig :grin:

    8) crazyB that s Mr crazyB to you 8)

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    WELCOME & ENJOY!!! SKOL!!! ccasion5: :headbang:

    Like my POPEYE Tattoo says " I
    Y AM
    Y AM "

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