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Thread: Greg Blue

  1. Greg Blue

    Its not braggin if you can do it!!!

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    Re: Greg Blue

    Good pick vikings. Steal in the 5th round.

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    Re: Greg Blue

    YES! This is what I'm talking about. I've been rambling about this guy ever since.......Finally, so maybe one of the guys in the Triangle do have a brain.

    Thanks for the Sig LitlHarsh

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    Re: Greg Blue

    Height- 6' 2 1/2" Weight- 214 pounds 40 time- 4.7

    Good athlete...Has excellent size and a solid frame...Is very fast with good recovery speed and a burst...Lives for the big hit and will lay people out...Has excellent range in coverage...Hips are fluid...Has quick feet...Outstanding in run support...Versatile and could project to either free or strong safety...Is very strong and physical...An intimidator...Still improving and has some potential.

    Only intercepted two passes throughout his career with both coming as a senior...Focuses too much on making the big hit and fails to wrap up...Is too aggressive at times...Will take bad angles to the ball...Is not as good in coverage as he should be considering his measurables...May be a bit of a workout warrior.

    In terms of computer numbers he has everything you look for...A bit of an oddity in that he has the physical tools of a centerfielder / coverage guy but plays more like an in-the-box safety...Continues the tradition of Sean Jones & Thomas Davis.

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    Re: Greg Blue

    Nice pickup, but we have alot of DB's now.. Could Dovonte be out? or Maybe Dustin Fox.. - Maybe Gallishaw..

    But i like Greg Blue, he was around in the first round about 2 months ago..



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    Re: Greg Blue

    I love this pick!!

    Value pick in the later rounds IMO

    Thorpe trophy finalest.. We can develop this kid

    Teach him to take better angles and not focus on the big hits as much

    (PPE Tarvaris wasn't a steal haha)

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    Re: Greg Blue

    He's not that great in coverage, but he's a very good pick this late in the draft. Not sure what the staff will do with him though, maybe get him to bulk up and play LB?

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

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    Re: Greg Blue

    Gallishaw will be cut IMO. WE have a lot of depth at the position which is good.

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    Looks like a good pick, seems to be a steal! Nice

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    Re: Greg Blue

    Holy crap, most of us agree with this pick!!

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