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  1. True Sneak PEAK?

    just got this link sent to me from a e-mail. He not some big insider or anything so take it for what it is worth but it would seem to fit with the blurred images on the sign. If this should go under the Jersey thread I apologize and please move it.

  2. Re: True Sneak PEAK?

    Damn those looks hot.. and real. I would be excited.

  3. Re: True Sneak PEAK?

    Huh. Not bad, but not the drastic changes I was expecting

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    Re: True Sneak PEAK?

    yeah I saw that too. I think it's legit. There was a earlier site but it was shut down quick. Wilf may not be to happy.

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  5. Re: True Sneak PEAK?

    I love the horns on the sleeves. If those are the uni's I will be buying a jersey tomorrow.

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    Re: True Sneak PEAK?

    Oooooh. Very nice. Very good find. It is consistant both with the blurred pics and the "leaked" designs. i want to see one from the side with the stripe.


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    Re: True Sneak PEAK?

    Those are tight. I like the Viking logo on the back of the neck

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    Re: True Sneak PEAK?

    They are fake. The numbers are not rounded like the one's on the billboard ala bronco's jerseys. Plus, they wouldn't match the pants from the slip up before they blacked them out.

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    Re: True Sneak PEAK?

    Those are cool! They're kind of plain...but I think with the whole uniform they'll look pretty sweet.

  10. Re: True Sneak PEAK?

    Intriguing, but nonetheless, I'm still gonna call b.s. on anything until I KNOW I'm seeing the real thing.
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